Newsday Crossword Answers June 02, 2021

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Ultimate objective GOAL
Intensified, with ”up” AMPED
Lose one’s balance SLIP
Initial poker bet ANTE
Rental agreement LEASE
Back talk, slangily TUDE
Just before the deadline LASTMINUTE
Smallest bills in a till ONES
”Old MacDonald” conclusion EIEIO
Place for a dinner napkin LAP
Exam for aspiring MDs MCAT
Baby’s shaking toy RATTLE
TV actress Remini LEAH
Rant and rave GOAPE
Luxury boats YACHTS
Helpful facts, informally INFO
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
River’s sand bar SHOAL
Zilch NIL
When kids have off after a blizzard SNOWDAY
Actress Thurman UMA
Pose to propose KNEEL
Wise yuletide trio MAGI
Prepare, as tea or coffee BREW
Trickled through SEEPED
Busybody YENTA
Ocean’s rise or fall TIDE
Fashion designer McCartney STELLA
Lumberjack’s cutters SAWS
Noah’s ship ARK
Top-tier group of guests ALIST
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Period between full moons LUNARMONTH
Make lunch for FEED
Wed on the run ELOPE
Fairy tale beast OGRE
”__ a tip from me . . .” TAKE
Have another attempt at RETRY
When AM meets PM NOON


Strong wind GALE
Where the elated ”walk” ONAIR
Far from shore ATSEA
Forgive and forget LETITGO
Arabian Nights’ __ Baba ALI
Fellows MEN
Colonial patriot Revere PAUL
”¿Cómo __ usted?” ESTA
With much emotion DEEPLY
Midday meal break LUNCHHOUR
Notion IDEA
Bothersome one PEST
Cycle-race prefix for cross MOTO
Stretched out on the couch LAIN
__ salts (bath additive) EPSOM
”Nothing to it!” EASY
Quarterback great John ELWAY
Domesticated TAME
Shredded-cabbage side dish SLAW
Calligraphers’ supplies INKS
Numerical symbol for September NINE
Marines tradition of big-city docking FLEETWEEK
Border lines EDGES
Vehicle for a 40 Across SLED
”It __ over till it’s over” AINT
Showing of a sitcom EPISODE
Inflatable decoration BALLOON
Retailer DEALER
Sports squad TEAM
Jargon LINGO
Houston baseballer ASTRO
Cushiony SOFT
Surveyor’s calculation AREA
Regulation RULE
Hole in a plank KNOT
At that time THEN
First full mo. of spring APR
Marina Del __, CA REY
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