Newsday Crossword Answers June 06, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


No longer fashionable DATED
Vacation time for many JULY
Letters on some love letters SWAK
Tour of duty STINT
In unison ASONE
In that case IFSO
Hungry feeling PANG
It may be to-go ORDER
”Omigosh!” YIPES
Nursery newcomer BOUNCINGBABYBOY
Bread spread JAM
”Permission granted!” YES
Biblical preposition UNTO
Race place LEMANS
Model-railroad scale OGAUGE
Emotion of amazement AWE
Found very funny ROAREDAT
Fiber-rich side dish BOSTONBAKEDBEANS
Former telecom giant GTE
Brown shade TAN
”If __ a Hammer” IHAD
__ buco OSSO
Suit fabric TWEED
H‰gar the Horrible’s wife HELGA
Altar exchanges IDOS
Scratch up MAR
Eyebrow shape ARC
Tune from ”Cinderella” BIBBIDIBOBBIDIBOO
Radio silence DEADAIR
”__ for Noose” (Grafton novel) NIS
Baloney ROT
Turnpike charge TOLL
Glaringly vivid LURID
Web-shopping page phrase ADDTOCART
What parasols provide SHADE
Castaway’s home ISLE
Early afternoon TWO
Mah-jongg piece BAM
Soap-opera plot device AMNESIA
Funicello/Avalon film of ’65 BEACHBLANKETBINGO
Half-score TEN
Thurman of film UMA
New Age singer from Ireland ENYA
”The Odd Couple” playwright SIMON
Floats on air WAFTS
Greet the day RISE
Sports-standings stats WINS
Heat in the microwave ZAP
Hosp. area ICU
With ”The,” Dr. Seuss opus BUTTERBATTLEBOOK
Certain storms NORTHERS
W. Hemisphere alliance OAS
Guarantee ASSURE
”Billy __” (Best Musical Tony winner for ’09) ELLIOT
Likewise ALSO
Machine part COG
Starfish arm RAY
62 Down heard in ”Sleepless in Seattle” BYEBYEBLACKBIRD
NCAA Division I school UCONN
On a cruise ATSEA
South American capital LIMA
Modern music source IPOD
Cheekbone enhancer ROUGE
Takes five RESTS
Numerical suffix TEEN
Drags from behind TOWS
Class jottings NOTES


”Don’t quit” it DAYJOB
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Ship’s rigging supporter TOPMAST
GPS reading ENE
__ Moines, IA DES
Be in accord JIBE
Mysterious sightings UFOS
”Gumbo” is its yearbook LSU
Over there, old-style YON
Board-game turn, often SPIN
Call for WANT
Fine sweaters ANGORAS
Former CIA counterpart KGB
Cool-headed SOBER
”Go ahead and ask” TRYME
Employee’s pass IDBADGE
Nursery newcomer NEONATE
Met on the sly TRYSTED
Fed a line to CUED
”Too bad!” ALAS
Kyushu cash YEN
Bryce Canyon locale UTAH
Alias preceder AKA
Triumphant shout WEDIDIT
Yoko __ ONO
Western plot device BIGBRAWL
Fictional captain AHAB
Exxon’s ex-name ESSO
Smidgen TAD
Squirm about WRITHE
XIII quadrupled LII
Buzz Aldrin alma mater MIT
Speak off the cuff ADLIB
Get more out of REUSE
”Cheers” server CARLA
Neighbor of Ky. IND
”It’s cold!” BRR
Burbank, for one BOTANIST
Cause for pride BOAST
Nostalgic tune OLDIE
New York city OLEAN
Like most jigsaw puzzles DIECUT
__ number on (psych out) DOA
Grape variety CATAWBA
Embassy VIP AMB
Short breaks SNOOZES
Schedule abbr. TBA
”Singin’ in the Rain” studio MGM
”Pinafore” designation HMS
Heron’s home NEST
Pants part KNEE
Fails to be ISNT
Runs in NABS
Urban hangout WINEBAR
Altar boy ACOLYTE
Like the Sphynx cat FURLESS
Capek play RUR
Emphatic denial ITSALIE
__ in ”ice” IAS
Phi __ (honor-society member) BETE
Chess piece ROOK
Time delay LAG
Halloween hue ORANGE
British economist KEYNES
High land TIBET
Georgetown athletes HOYAS
Poor, as an excuse LAME
Electronic examination SCAN
Cornfield invader CROW
Probability ODDS
Lunch order BLT
Smidgen BIT
Wall St. debut IPO
Coffee brewer URN
Dove sound COO
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