Newsday Crossword Answers June 08, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Makes a choice OPTS
Mop, as a deck SWAB
Ewes’ mates RAMS
Throws with force HURLS
Note from the boss MEMO
Give off EMIT
Devoured ATEUP
Sandwich cookie OREO
Tableland MESA
Furthermore AND
Acorn bearer OAK
Explosive letters TNT
Family patriarchs GRANDPAS
Poker stake ANTE
Sweet smell AROMA
Bullring cheer OLE
Audience’s accolade ROUNDOFAPPLAUSE
Industrious insect ANT
Slip away from EVADE
Trampled TROD
Nightclubs’ ID checkers BOUNCERS
Friend PAL
Either end of a wide grin EAR
Rower’s implement OAR
Drivers’ org. AAA
Leave off a list OMIT
Neighborhood AREA
Closes loudly SLAMS
Numbers to crunch DATA
Just for men STAG
Banquet host EMCEE
One who stares EYER
Olden days YORE
Shipped off SENT


Scarlett’s surname OHARA
Contribute PUTIN
Pollster’s discovery TREND
Fake coin SLUG
Artist’s coverall SMOCK
”If I __ you . . .” WERE
Part of USA: Abbr. AMER
Marines’ training center BOOTCAMP
Jog someone’s memory REMIND
Prayer ending AMEN
Light spray MIST
Stick around STAY
Soup-eating utensil SPOON
Budgetary excess FAT
One year’s record ANNAL
Toe count TEN
Diploma owners, for short GRADS
Tug-of-war need ROPE
Serve, as coffee POUR
In addition ALSO
Plant-to-be SEED
Typical Jordanian ARAB
Forbidden thing NONO
Ballet skirt TUTU
Way off AFAR
Windshield sticker DECAL
Eggs order OVEREASY
Ocean east of the US ATL
Bee’s collection for honey NECTAR
Golfer’s standard PAR
Stand up ARISE
Old enough OFAGE
Have __ up one’s sleeve ANACE
Guys who write slogans ADMEN
Valuable quality ASSET
Secret writing CODE
Noncommittal reply IMAY
Solemn ceremony RITE
”For here __ go?” ORTO
Feeling of dread FEAR
Stately trees ELMS
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