Newsday Crossword Answers June 09, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Blacken a bit on a grill CHAR
Applies liniment RUBS
Biblical queendom SHEBA
Pocket problem HOLE
Colossal, as a film EPIC
Be nitpicky CAVIL
Diva’s delivery ARIA
17 Across, e.g. SOLO
Hard to tell apart ALIKE
Critter in a shell SNAPPINGTURTLE
Bungled, with ”up” MESSED
Telepath’s claim, for short ESP
Despicable one CUR
Blackened a bit on a grill SEARED
Takes steps ACTS
Prefix for dynamic AERO
Whittle away ERODE
Campfire features CRACKLINGFLAMES
Chocolate source CACAO
Painter of melting clocks DALI
Venue for a vault BANK
Some government securities TBONDS
Golf pro Ernie ELS
Hyundai rival KIA
Aviary racket CHIRPS
New Year’s party ritual POPPINGTHECORK
Game-show group PANEL
A Great Lake ERIE
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Prefix for physics ASTRO
Jury member PEER
__ the worse for wear NONE
Beer relative STOUT
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Proofreader’s marking STET


Gaping hole CHASM
Singer Lena HORNE
Name after ”a.k.a.” ALIAS
Gathers in REAPS
Fairy tale’s second word UPON
Hogwash BILGE
Glasgow residents SCOTS
Natural bandage SCAR
Sentry’s call HALT
Wickedness EVIL
10-year-old’s transportation BIKE
Beer relative ALE
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Increases UPS
Former Nevada senator Harry REID
Sushi fish EEL
Typical Abu Dhabi resident ARAB
Italy’s capital, to natives ROMA
Heaven on earth EDEN
Work station DESK
Passbook no. ACCT
Bellyacher CRAB
Tex-Mex snack in a shell TACO
Read the UPC of SCAN
Single-strand genetic material RNA
Gawk at OGLE
Down for the count KOD
Petty thieves FILCHERS
Enjoy Vail SKI
Nautical pronoun SHE
Totally helpless INEPT
Be in accord AGREE
Pictures on computer screens ICONS
Mechanical worker ROBOT
Face-down PRONE
Target game SKEET
Gone by PAST
Cognizant of ONTO
Lima’s land PERU
Whodunit essence PLOT
Frequent tic-tac-toe results TIES
Faux __ PAS
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