Newsday Crossword Answers June 10, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Bylaws, for instance RULES
See 18 Across CLEF
Out of harm’s way SAFE
New York city UTICA
Zhivago’s first name YURI
Tabloid topics UFOS
Barber’s buy RAZOR
With 6 Across, music staff symbol BASS
Henpecks NAGS
Abandons, as a friend in need HANGSOUTTODRY
Mr. Potato Head piece EAR
Vitamin regulating agcy. FDA
Data entered INPUT
Brazilian soccer great PELE
Microscopic WEE
Garage gripper VISE
Directs HEADS
Prima donna DIVA
__-friendly ECO
Hideaway LAIR
Number in pilot-speak NINER
Isn’t settled yet REMAINSTOBESEEN
Delivery from 43 Down DVD
Milk lover CAT
”M*A*S*H” vehicle JEEP
Individuals ONES
Oscar Night lineup LIMOS
Cardinal point EAST
Part of AM ANTE
Spouse before Marla IVANA
Tuna fish alternatives BLTS
Bouquet POSY
Fortune 500 high-tech company XEROX


Play about robots RUR
Arches National Park locale UTAH
Entertainer Minnelli LIZA
Business school subj. ECON
Rodin portraitist SARGENT
Sci-fi man/machine CYBORG
Party with poi LUAU
Prefix for while ERST
Large quantities FISTFULS
Parlor purchase SUNDAE
A great distance AFAR
Stick-in-the-mud FOGY
Half a figure-eight ESS
Was idle SAT
”Garfield” dog ODIE
Pearl seeker DIVER
In abeyance ONICE
__ salts (medicinal compound) EPSOM
Take to court SUE
Visual illusion genre OPART
Proof-ending letters QED
Package handle, at times TWINE
Flood preventer LEVEE
Long (for) YEARN
Washroom dispenser contents HANDSOAP
”__ for Evidence” (Grafton novel) EIS
Speak ill of DIS
Roman historian LIVY
Major streamer NETFLIX
Makes adjustments ADAPTS
Irish dramatist OCASEY
Cove kin BAY
Close securely SEAL
Try out TEST
Part of AD ANNO
Moistens WETS
”__ Gauche” (section of Paris) RIVE
Actor Epps OMAR
Prefix for rail MONO
Former governor Bush JEB
Jazz instrument SAX
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