Newsday Crossword Answers March 31, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Not nervous CALM
Depicts unfairly SKEWS
Lengthy tale SAGA
Waikiki feast LUAU
Madame Curie MARIE
Where Eve lived EDEN
Cut and paste, say EDIT
Stand up ARISE
Lendl of tennis IVAN
Hearth implement FIREPLACEPOKER
Elevation: Abbr. ALT
Director __ Howard RON
Dropped-pie sounds SPLATS
”Star Wars” series guru YODA
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Solid precipitation HAIL
Breakfast pastry DONUT
Most important ”numero” UNO
Marinated centers for salads ARTICHOKEHEARTS
Canary or kitty PET
Reduces to rubble RAZES
Be introduced to MEET
”Slippery” fish EEL
Keeps one’s __ on (watches) EYES
Greetings sent online ECARDS
Wrap things up END
Devilish kid IMP
Venerable Big Apple span BROOKLYNBRIDGE
Chimney buildup SOOT
Off the leash LOOSE
Marine mammal SEAL
Rate of walking PACE
Pushed for URGED
Camera glass LENS
Seeks an answer ASKS
Butcher shop wares MEATS
Barely defeat EDGE


Music-staff symbol CLEF
German auto AUDI
Wild animal’s home LAIR
Remote’s sound-stopping button MUTE
Mini-collectibles, to collectors SMALLS
Gold purity measure KARAT
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Full of good sense WISE
Leak through the cracks SEEP
Timex competitor SEIKO
Soldier of fortune ADVENTURER
Transmission setting GEAR
Raggedy doll ANN
Portion of butter PAT
Give a speech ORATE
Mold, as clay SHAPE
French capital, slangily PAREE
Capital of Arkansas LITTLEROCK
__ Baba ALI
Oxen harnesses YOKES
Bills going into change machines ONES
”I should’ve known that!” DUH
Paid for a five-card hand ANTED
Facebook messages POSTS
Sleep lightly DOZE
Belief, in brief CREDO
Farm bale HAY
Physicians’ org. AMA
Plants deeply EMBEDS
EMT’s expertise CPR
Brief letters NOTES
Closeup map in an atlas INSET
Constricting snakes BOAS
Supermodel Heidi KLUM
Handed-down tales LORE
Hindu exercise system YOGA
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
Heroic act DEED
Group of outlaws GANG
”If all __ fails . . .” ELSE
Relaxing retreat SPA
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