Newsday Crossword Answers October 10, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Either of two in ”George” SOFTG
Get cleaned up WASH
Castle surrounders MOATS
No time at all JIFF
In the know AWARE
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Own up to ADMIT
Fit for the job ABLE
”Six Degrees of” guy KEVINBACON
”The Year of Magical Thinking” author JOANDIDION
Successful lawmakers ENACTORS
They may be sliding DOORS
Gave up via treaty CEDED
Avon alternative OLAY
’80s IBM desktops PCJRS
Essay page OPED
Hawthorne tale septet GABLES
Hawaiian Airlines destination KAUAI
Middle of the third century CCLI
Alphabetic trio HIJ
What some margins are for ERROR
”The West Wing” president MARTINSHEEN
SASE, e.g. ENC
Gritty film genre NOIR
Shoe salesperson’s question SIZE
Great report card AAAA
Out-of-focus photo BLUR
Thurman of film UMA
”Guys and Dolls” inspiration DAMONRUNYON
Formation fliers GEESE
Silicon Valley city SANMATEO
Industrialist Perot HROSS
TV promo promise ALLNEW
Merchandise WARES
Book, in Barcelona LIBRO
Starting squad ATEAM
Much-valued PRIZED
Spicy Chinese cuisine HUNAN
Placing in proper order ARRAYING
”You’ve got mail!” hearer AOLER
”The West Wing” creator AARONSORKIN
Male ”monarque” ROI
”Ornery” dude CUSS
Cathedral section APSE
”Star Wars” series captive LEIA
Inconvenience, informally PROB
Freudian self EGO
”Ghostbusters” director IVANREITMAN
All the ones here THESE
Cub Scout unit DEN
Cartoonist Walker MORT
Small jazz bands TRIOS
Acted listless MOONED
Email notification SENT
Mall tenants SHOPS
Young deer FAWN
Ingredient in Oreos COCOA
Lounge instrument PIANO
Procter & Gamble brand GILLETTE
Green Mountain Boys leader ETHANALLEN
Eminent concert keyboardist VANCLIBURN
Short distance STEP
Game like bingo BEANO
Genesis twin ESAU
”I pass” NOBID
Thatcher or Johnson TORY
Navigational short cut CANAL
”Darn it!” RATS
They’re held for questioning EXAMS


Benefit SAKE
Actor Wilson OWEN
Falafel legume FAVA
The French flag TRICOLOR
Less harsh GENTLER
Ready for a rest WEARY
MLB playoff round ALCS
__-mo camera SLO
How some fries are made HANDCUT
Study principally MAJORIN
Nasal appraisals ODORS
You love: Lat. AMAS
Metal in solder TIN
Normal: Abbr. STD
Not easily awed JADED
Footnote notation IBID
Polar hazard FLOE
Deflect, with ”off” FEND
Anaconda cousins BOAS
Trap by freezing ICEIN
Resort near Santa Barbara OJAI
), for short PAREN
Vast amount OCEAN
Urgent request PLEA
Biological group GENUS
Nasal appraisal AROMA
Beach Boys leader BRIANWILSON
Jug band instrument KAZOO
Mass confusion CHAOS
Oscar winner as Elizabeth II HELENMIRREN
Unavailable at the moment INUSE
LL Bean competitor JCREW
Performs silently MIMES
Final word SAYSO
Overstuffed SATED
Ignore, as a nautical order BELAY
Bold one DARER
Thick-skinned beast RHINO
Citified URBAN
Norse gods of fate NORNS
Gather gradually GLEAN
Cornfield attractions MAZES
Interior courtyards ATRIA
Alan of ”Little Miss Sunshine” ARKIN
Measured by walking PACED
Monte Carlo roulette bet ROUGE
Does without HASNT
Spheres of influence AREAS
Slipknot loop NOOSE
Made fun of GIBED
Disconnected APART
Actor Edward James OLMOS
River associated with the Bard AVON
Erstwhile British booth PHONEBOX
”Putting it another way . . .” IMEAN
Gasohol ingredient ETHANOL
Nutritive mineral IRON
Tugboat rope TOWLINE
National __ (DC expanse) MALL
Needing rinsing SOAPY
City near Florence SIENA
Fig-bearing tree FICUS
”__ la vie!” CEST
”Beetle Bailey” dog OTTO
Singing star since the ’60s CHER
Arrange in advance PLAN
Tiny fly GNAT
Key instrument in the ”Jaws” soundtrack TUBA
Edit down TRIM
Goes last ENDS
”Shark Tank” airer ABC
Green space LEA
Red __ beet ASA
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