Newsday Crossword Answers October 12, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Birthday present, for example GIFT
Ear coverings in winter MUFFS
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Great Salt Lake’s state UTAH
Non-studio film, for short INDIE
Layer of paint COAT
Christmas season YULE
Go into a skid SLIDE
Voicemail signal TONE
Brief moment SPLITSECOND
Tip of a sock TOE
Cheer for a team ROOT
Expert in shooting arrows ARCHER
Port of the Bahamas NASSAU
Sum calculated TOTAL
Halloween mo. OCT
Highway or street ROAD
Chess game endings MATES
Oddly frightening EERIE
Measly MERE
Period in history ERA
Stun gun TASER
Steakhouse orders TBONES
Region like the Sahara DESERT
At the summit of ATOP
Lumberjack’s tool AXE
Brief moment NOTIMEATALL
Pressed the doorbell RANG
Back tooth MOLAR
”Scat!” SHOO
”So what __ is new?” ELSE
Award for a contest PRIZE
Charged atoms IONS
Plant stalk STEM
Spirited horse STEED
Russian refusal NYET


Fellows GUYS
Whoop __ (celebrate) ITUP
Harvest season FALL
Belonging to those people THEIRS
The Show Me State MISSOURI
Not yet rented UNLET
Savings protection org. FDIC
Generic dog name FIDO
Observed attending SEENAT
Perform a role ACT
Seating for four at a diner BOOTH
Lake boat CANOE
Do the driving STEER
Grind __ halt (stop) TOA
Serious play DRAMA
Big family CLAN
Short memo NOTE
Muscle soreness ACHE
Suffix for young or prank STER
Greedy one TAKER
Unpleasant smell ODOR
”You can count __!” ONME
Adolescent TEEN
”Jane __” (Charlotte Brontë novel) EYRE
Large briny waters SEAS
Mosquito attack BITE
Acquire knowledge LEARN
Restrained, as in shackles FETTERED
Treads heavily STOMPS
Constricting snake BOA
Decides to participate OPTSIN
Takes a risk DARES
Praise highly EXALT
Sight or smell SENSE
Astonish AMAZE
Legal wrong TORT
”Would __to you?” ILIE
Sailor’s greeting AHOY
The __ Ranger (Western hero) LONE
Was defeated LOST
Ruby or diamond GEM
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