Newsday Crossword Answers October 13, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Wooden strip SLAT
Thinnest American coin DIME
They’re ”sealed” to keep a secret LIPS
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Teheran’s nation IRAN
All over again ANEW
Earnings before overtime BASESALARY
Brit’s ”So long!” TATA
NASA spacewalk EVA
100% ALL
Pantry, for example CABINET
New version of an old film REMAKE
Prefix meaning ”singular” UNI
Unvarying amount paid from a pension FIXEDINCOME
Widespread renown FAME
Roman agriculture goddess CERES
Sound-boosting equipment AMP
Cat’s scratcher CLAW
Sharpened HONED
Mix with a spoon STIR
Gear tooth COG
Altercation RUNIN
High-fat, low-carb diet KETO
Earnings after deductions TAKEHOMEPAY
Meditative sect ZEN
Votes into office ELECTS
Opened with a letter opener SLITTED
Luau finger food POI
Falsehood LIE
Refuses to WONT
Enough to get by on LIVINGWAGE
Eve’s second son ABEL
Bard of __ (Shakespeare) AVON
Specified NAMED
Tip of an airplane NOSE
Attorney’s expertise LAWS
Nimble SPRY


Cavalry sword SABER
Exit the premises LEAVE
Black tea of India ASSAM
Tic-tac-__ TOE
Pickle flavoring DILL
Nest egg acronym IRA
Artist Chagall MARC
Irish New Age singer ENYA
Hispanic-American guy LATINO
__ object (rock or chair) INANIMATE
St. __ (Tampa neighbor) PETE
Police crisis team SWAT
Biden spokesperson Jen PSAKI
”Roots” author Haley ALEX
Tampa Bay NFLers, for short BUCS
Not very many AFEW
Money-saving, in product names ECONO
Overalls fabric DENIM
Hurricane that followed Harvey in 2011 IRENE
Neighbor of Marge and Homer NED
Give off EMIT
Media monitoring agcy. FCC
Very many ALOT
Many monthly issues MAGAZINES
Reliable authority PRO
”What did you say?” HUH
__ terrier (Scottish dog breed) SKYE
Leaser’s payment RENT
Lowly worker PEON
Calibrate, as tires ALIGN
Workbench gripper CLAMP
Striped predator TIGER
Poorly maintained SEEDY
Long-necked water bird SWAN
Southwestern wolf LOBO
Israeli airline ELAL
Female opera star DIVA
Lapel adornments PINS
Solemn promise VOW
Once worked as WAS
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