Newsday Crossword Answers October 15, 2020

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Author: Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


Risky business, for short SPEC
Living room item SOFA
Colorado River tributary GILA
Kurosawa of cinema AKIRA
Group touting Movies for Grownups AARP
Have no destination in mind ROAM
Holbrook’s ”Mark Twain Tonight,” e.g. SOLOPERFORMANCE
Stack at a shower PRESENTS
County near London ESSEX
Bubble’s interior AIR
MLB playoff round ALCS
Couple’s transport TANDEMBICYCLE
Give rise to SPAWN
”Frozen II” queen ELSA
Place for a hoop EAR
Gas pump part HOSE
Reno in Clinton’s cabinet JANET
__ mater ALMA
”Leave now!” OUT
Downsides CONS
Factors in turnpike tolls AXLES
Plaintiff’s big award TREBLEDAMAGES
Bank (on) RELY
Homophone for 21 Across ERE
Gulf War ally SYRIA
Tom Hanks’ boss in ”Bridge of Spies” ALANALDA
Disasters for golf pros QUADRUPLEBOGEYS
Horse hair MANE
Where it’s happening SITE
Devious devices RUSES
Print-shop inventory INKS
Barriers to collaboration EGOS
Large-scale MASS


Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Large quantity PILE
Winged Olympian EROS
Rocky region of Massachusetts CAPEANN
Camus contemporary SARTRE
Big bumblers OAFS
Back from ”to” FRO
S&L ad info APR
Prairielike GRASSY
Atoms that may be radical IONS
Decorative trim LACE
Discover alternative AMEX
Venomous viper ASP
City in Oklahoma ENID
Birthplace of Muhammad MECCA
Equipped with the skill ABLE
Shopper’s sheet LIST
Take a bit of TASTE
Wonderment AWE
Society for the brilliant MENSA
Honeycomb parts CELLS
Glittery fabric LAME
Historic chapters ERAS
Worn out SHOT
Come down in buckets POUR
”Piano Man” man JOEL
Murray at Wimbledon ANDY
Guitar, in rock slang AXE
Not in doubt CLEAR
Expected life-stage behavior AGENORM
Mag with a white dress usually on its cover BRIDES
Big brawls MELEES
Part of UAE ARAB
32,300, for the UAE SQMI
Chinese currency YUAN
Airman, for instance RANK
Boys’ choir voice ALTO
Taquería freebie AGUA
Take away LESS
61 Across ingredients DYES
Zebra cousin ASS
Put into the mix USE
It’s found in a pen PIG
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