Newsday Crossword Answers October 19, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Coffee lightener CREAM
Argentina’s elongated neighbor CHILE
__ for the course (about average) PAR
Unusual knickknack CURIO
Luxury watch brand ROLEX
Suffix for social or suburban ITE
Clever person SMARTCOOKIE
List ending abbr. ETC
Glass-raising rituals TOASTS
Coffee with chocolate MOCHA
Declares to be true AFFIRMS
Maintenance cost UPKEEP
Decorative feathers PLUMES
Casual eatery BISTRO
Helped AIDED
”If all __ fails . . .” ELSE
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Bylaw, for short REG
Hair that’s entwined BRAID
Police officer COP
Birch or willow TREE
”If it __ broke . . .” AINT
Long for CRAVE
Legendary FABLED
Agitated briskly, as a cocktail SHAKEN
Placed at intervals SPACED
Ads that entice TEASERS
Secret supply CACHE
Foul odor STENCH
Select, with ”for” OPT
Unrealistic aspiration PIEINTHESKY
Prefix meaning ”recent” NEO
Major happening EVENT
According to ASPER
Go astray ERR
Distance to the bottom DEPTH
Sticks around STAYS


Includes in an email: Abbr. CCS
Jamaican liquor RUM
Memorable period ERA
When a TV show is on AIRTIME
Went for a drive MOTORED
Intersect, as roads CROSS
Owl’s call HOOT
Categories ILKS
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Not subject to taxes EXEMPT
Something easy PIECEOFCAKE
__ moment (currently) ATTHE
Postgame summary RECAP
Video recorders, for short CAMS
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Take __ (disassemble) APART
Margin for error FUDGEFACTOR
Preowned USED
Without much flavor BLAND
”What time __?” ISIT
A Great Lake ERIE
Wanderer ROVER
Unlocks OPENS
Treadless, as tires BALD
Apiece EACH
Does a Cuban dance CHACHAS
Most reckless RASHEST
Summoned via pager BEEPED
Mailed away SENT
British biscuit SCONE
Origami sheet PAPER
Last Commandment TENTH
Windshield coloring TINT
”Now __ seen everything!” IVE
Healthful resort SPA
Door opener KEY
12-mo. periods YRS
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