Newsday Crossword Answers October 27, 2021

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Author: Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


Parts of a vise JAWS
Interoffice note MEMO
Phony offer SCAM
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Irreligious one PAGAN
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Barking sea mammal SEAL
Book collector’s prize SIGNEDCOPY
Construction workers’ toppers HARDHATS
__ Sketch (drawing toy) ETCHA
Pie __ mode ALA
Nome native ALASKAN
Dentist’s reflector MOUTHMIRROR
Big name in kitchen foil ALCOA
In the past AGO
Big brass horn TUBA
Not working today IDLE
__ noir (red wine) PINOT
Oil cartel OPEC
Act as a guide LEAD
Part of a towel rack ROD
Subsequent to AFTER
Punctuation starting a song title DOUBLEQUOTE
To no avail USELESS
”Simpsons” storekeeper APU
Title for some ambassadors MADAM
Criticized strongly ASSAILED
Alexa’s smart speaker AMAZONECHO
Wander around ROVE
A few SOME
Very pale ASHEN
Elbow’s lower counterpart KNEE
Impertinent talk SASS
Hive dwellers BEES
Ship off SEND


Kid around JOSH
General vicinity AREA
Dress in WEAR
Got cash for SOLD
Tiki bar cocktail MAITAI
Dozens from dairies EGGS
Britain’s Isle of __ MAN
Valedictorian’s class rank ONE
Splinter groups SECTS
Countdown device CLOCK
First Greek letter ALPHA
Mexican ancestor MAYAN
Biblical song PSALM
Letter starter DEAR
”Very funny!” HAHA
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Burglar’s haul LOOT
Postal delivery MAIL
Quaint ”Shoppe” descriptor OLDE
Sunset Blvd. campus UCLA
__ the line (obeyed) TOED
Soul music, for short RANDB
Vegan cheese ingredient TOFU
Not higher than UPTO
Red veggie BEET
Farmland measure ACRE
Reliable experts PROS
Debt slips IOUS
Seascape’s blue AQUA
Showroom model DEMO
Sites for mascara LASHES
Computer printer brand EPSON
Amherst sch. UMASS
Polynesian nation SAMOA
Cheeses from Holland EDAMS
Lounges around LAZES
Muscle soreness ACHE
Vexes IRKS
By oneself LONE
At a tie score EVEN
Homeowner’s document DEED
Arrest, informally NAB
Suffix for language names ESE
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