Newsday Crossword Answers September 14, 2020

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Author: Gail Grabowski, edited by Stanley Newman


Capital of Italy ROME
On the roof of ATOP
Took an oath in court SWORE
Region AREA
Moccasin or loafer SHOE
Basic credo TENET
”Red planet” beyond Earth MARS
Small or extra large SIZE
Expressway entrances RAMPS
Green veggie pieces in BLTs LETTUCELEAVES
Make angry IRK
Sailor’s ”yes” AYE
Work at something casually DABBLE
Tennis court dividers NETS
Household cat or dog PET
White heron EGRET
Boyfriend BEAU
Sheet of glass PANE
Small cabbagelike veggies BRUSSELSSPROUTS
Camper’s shelter TENT
Remote’s volume-off button MUTE
Tiny spot of land in the ocean ISLET
Full collection SET
Top poker cards ACES
Asparagus servings SPEARS
”__ you kidding?” ARE
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
Orange veggies cut for vegetable soup SLICEDCARROTS
Dog walker’s strap LEASH
Evaluate RATE
Small perfume bottle VIAL
”Bald” bird EAGLE
Extremely dry, as a desert ARID
Otherwise ELSE
Double-curve letters ESSES
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Sit for a bit REST


Male sheep RAM
Word-of-mouth ORAL
A __ pittance (very little money) MERE
Sunrise direction EAST
Make free from doubt ASSURE
Not thin, as a slice of meat loaf THICK
Banana covering PEEL
Wanders off STRAYS
Use a loom WEAVE
”My turn to treat you all” ONME
Sales agents, for short REPS
UFO pilots ETS
Leans slightly TILTS
Consume completely EATUP
Amounts owed DEBTS
Think alike AGREE
Main impact BRUNT
Highest in quality BEST
Homes for robins NESTS
Make simpler EASE
Pop singer __ Abdul PAULA
Go inside ENTER
Midterms and finals TESTS
Color of a clear sky BLUE
Sit for a portrait POSE
Game show host EMCEE
More fit for harvesting RIPER
Curved parts of feet ARCHES
Turns paper to confetti SHREDS
Theater walkway AISLE
Gown’s shiny fabric SATIN
Salty bodies of water SEAS
Falls behind LAGS
”Darn it!” DRAT
Give a darn CARE
Higher than OVER
Kitchen-flooring piece TILE
Talk back to SASS
Harper who wrote ”. . . Mockingbird” LEE
Allow LET
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