Perfumes Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Perfumes

Solution: SCENTS

SCENTS Definition 1:
A pleasant smell that is produced by something .
The flower has a wonderful scent.
The scent of flowers/perfume
SCENTS Definition 2:
A smell that is left by an animal or person and that can be sensed and followed by some animals (such as dogs) often used figuratively .
The dogs followed the fox’s scent.
The prisoner escaped because the dogs lost his scent.
The reporter was on the scent of a big story. [=was following/investigating a big story]
Scientists are on the scent of a cure. [=are looking for and are close to finding a cure]
He was being investigated by federal officials but he somehow managed to put them off the/his scent.
SCENTS Definition 3:
A slight indication of something that is going to happen or that might happen .
There was a scent [=hint] of trouble in the air. [=trouble was developing]
SCENTS Definition 4:
A quality that suggests or shows the existence of something .
Her story has a/the scent of truth. [=her story seems to be true]
SCENTS Definition 5:
A liquid that is put on your body to give it a pleasant odor :perfume .
A bottle of scent

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