Printer mishaps Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Printer mishaps

Solution: JAMS

JAMS Definition 1:
To fill (a place) completely + obj no obj .
Thousands of people jammed the hall. = The hall was jammed [=jam-packed, packed] with thousands of people.
Thousands of people jammed into the hall.
JAMS Definition 2:
To fill (something, such as a door or a road) so that movement is slow or stopped sometimes used figuratively .
People were jamming the exits after the concert.
All the roads and bridges were jammed (with traffic).
All the telephone lines were jammed with calls from angry customers.
JAMS Definition 3:
To press or push (an object) into a tight place .
He jammed the book back into the bookcase.
A piece of paper got/was jammed [=stuck] in the copy machine.
JAMS Definition 4:
To push (a part of your body, a lever, etc.) suddenly and forcefully + obj no obj .
She jammed her foot down hard on the brakes.
She jammed on the brakes.
JAMS Definition 5:
To cause (a part of your body) to be painfully crushed, squeezed, etc. .
I jammed my finger in the car door. = My finger got jammed in the car door. = I got my finger jammed in the car door.
I jammed [=stubbed] my toe on the chair’s leg.
JAMS Definition 6:
To stop working properly because something inside prevents movement .
The copy machine jammed (up) again.
The lock/gun jammed.
JAMS Definition 7:
To cause (something) to stop working properly by preventing its parts from moving .
A piece of paper jammed the copy machine.
JAMS Definition 8:
To make (a radio signal or broadcast) impossible to understand by sending out signals or messages that weaken or block it .
jam a radio broadcast
JAMS Definition 9:
To play music informally together without preparation .
We like to get together and jam (with each other).
JAMS Definition 10:
To throw a pitch that is close to a batter and that the batter is unable to hit well .
The pitcher jammed him with an inside fastball.

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