Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 17, 2018

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Crossword: by Gary Larson


“Little piggies” TOES
Brink EDGE
___-de-lance (pit viper) FER
Dishonest sort SNEAK
It’s hard to resist URGE
Candles create a romantic one ATMOSPHERE
River crossing point FORD
Tetley competitor SALADA
Moved like lava OOZED
“Definitely, dude!” YEAHMAN
Shirt inserts GUSSETS
The 29th, for February 2020 END
Some whimsical Dutch lithographs ESCHERS
Ever so slightly ATAD
“Isn’t ___ bit like you and me?” (Beatles lyric) HEA
Bouncers’ work shifts NIGHTS
“On another note …” e.g. SEGUE
M.D.’s coworkers RNS
Consider in a lascivious way EYEUP
Flute music clef TREBLE
Tree on Connecticut’s state quarter OAK
WWI spy ___ Hari MATA
In medias ___ RES
Ms. cofounder Gloria STEINEM
1940s-’60s Indian leader NEHRU
New York island STATEN
Apple on a desk IMAC
Wall Street action, or what can be found in this puzzle’s 3rd, 5th, 8th and 11th rows? STOCKSPLIT
“___ Lisa” (2018 Lil Wayne hit featuring Kendrick Lamar) MONA
Soul singer Sam COOKE
Tucson school, for short UOFA
Tolkien tree creature ENT
Tattoo shop supplies INKS
Cookbook abbr. TBSP


Baggage-checking grp. TSA
Walking the dog, say OUT
Nightmarish street ELM
Teeny bit SKOSH
Flavor intensifier ENHANCER
Good or bad doing DEED
Park place? GARAGE
Manage, with “out” EKE
Stopped responding, as a computer FROZE
Heron relative EGRET
Apple ale brand REDDS
Belly flop sound SPLASH
Vehicles that many think are fake, briefly UFOS
“Ditto” SAME
Davis who married Ruby Dee OSSIE
Beer maker’s need YEAST
Participate in a contest ENTER
“Opposites attract,” e.g. ADAGE
Ashes holder URN
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Give a nickname to DUB
P.E. class GYM
“La Cage aux Folles” Tony winner George HEARN
Student getting one-on-one help TUTEE
Paroxysm SPASM
Yale of Yale University ELIHU
Inept individuals SADSACKS
Composer whose name is a number backwards ENO
Folk guitarist Leo KOTTKE
Ex-Dodger manager Walter ALSTON
Charges FEES
Japanese cartoon art ANIME
___-lime (Sprite flavor) LEMON
Monotonous sound CHANT
Killer whale ORCA
Feedback INPUT
Captured, as a chess piece TOOK
Bio or chem SCI
High badminton shot LOB
Hypotheticals IFS
Pub fixture TAP
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