Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 19, 2018

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Crossword: by MaryEllen Uthlaut


Turban-wearing monotheist SIKH
Not in the office AWAY
Wet lowland MARSH
“The very ___!” IDEA
It can be fried or sticky RICE
Stradivari’s teacher AMATI
What golfers should wear? TEESHIRTS
Early Latin speaker ROMAN
Reason to use boldface EMPHASIS
Hit with a water gun SQUIRT
Big name in London? BEN
College catalog contents COURSES
What candidates should wear? RUNNINGSHOES
In progress AFOOT
Blanchett of “Elizabeth” CATE
Luxury hotel feature SPA
___ of Arc JOAN
Kind of farm with many cows DAIRY
Walk heavily PLOD
Fire remnant ASH
Chauffeured auto LIMO
Magnificent GRAND
What movers should wear? BOXINGGLOVES
Barometer type ANEROID
To and ___ FRO
Tweak, as an essay REVISE
Least fine COARSEST
Rust, for one OXIDE
What caucus attendees should wear? PARTYHATS
Spices up warm cider MULLS
Formerly ONCE
Singapore’s locale ASIA
Item of value ASSET
Equal PEER
German gentleman HERR


Building spot SITE
The same, in bibliographies IDEM
Castle’s stronghold KEEP
Breakfast dish often made with bacon HASH
Out of bed ARISEN
Electrical system WIRING
Book after John ACTS
“I agree!” YES
Theater part that shows what’s playing MARQUEE
Love affairs AMOURS
“Groundhog Day” director Harold RAMIS
Look impolitely STARE
Purist crossword solvers refuse them HINTS
It’s tough to kick HABIT
Carbon-ated? SOOTY
Burn slightly CHAR
Indian chief RAJA
Saucer sightings, briefly UFOS
Flood survivor NOAH
Alternative to smoking NON
Descendant SCION
Belarusian, for one SLAV
Corn bread PONE
Mixes in, say ADDS
Song of the South DIXIE
In the thick of AMID
“Noun” or “verb” lead-in PRO
Most baggy LOOSEST
Old ___ (U.S. flag) GLORY
Harness part BRIDLE
Measure of acceleration GFORCE
Cheddar shredder GRATER
Pleasant smell AROMA
Means of connection NEXUS
Lesser of two ___ EVILS
Hollow plant stem CANE
Former ruler of Iran SHAH
Comfortable state EASE
To-do STIR
Ivan the Terrible, e.g. TSAR
Kind of fly in baseball POP
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