Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 22, 2018

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Crossword: by Doug Peterson


Center of activity LOCUS
Lawn projectile game whose name starts with a “J” JARTS
Director DuVernay AVA
Take down a peg ABASE
Up and about AWAKE
Poorly lit DIM
Ambitious collegian’s declaration DOUBLEMAJOR
Spherical body ORB
Website with customer reviews YELP
Happy hour hangout BAR
Blend together MERGE
Golden Globe winner for “Singin’ in the Rain” DONALDOCONNOR
Horse-drawn carriage SURREY
Settle on the runway LAND
Penned WROTE
Final, for one EXAM
Linger in the tub SOAK
“Barbara ___” (Beach Boys hit) ANN
Bigger than med. LGE
Furtive “Hey!” PSST
Warning from Fluffy HISS
Waiter’s request ORDER
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
Top person on a construction crew? ROOFER
One-way mall transport DOWNESCALATOR
Aquafina rival EVIAN
Wrinkly-faced pooch PUG
Search (through) SIFT
Didn’t need a comeback LED
Price-slashing sale, and what 17-, 24-, 39- and 51-Across visually represent DOORBUSTERS
Minecraft explosive TNT
“Sesame Street” regular ERNIE
African nation on the Indian Ocean KENYA
Silvery-gray ASH
Walks dizzily REELS
Venomous snake ADDER


Country music’s ___ Antebellum LADY
Wind quartet member OBOE
Vessels for witches’ brews CAULDRONS
Spot for a flash drive USBPORT
Cannes condiment SEL
Actor Malcolm-___ Warner JAMAL
Edgar, Oscar or Tony AWARD
“The Big Bang Theory” character from India RAJ
UFC bout ender, at times TKO
Pulpit presentation SERMON
Deck out ADORN
Leo follower VIRGO
Light-colored ale type AMBER
Bidding site EBAY
Burnt barbecue pieces ENDS
Can’t do without NEED
Six kings of Norway OLAFS
Military wear, for short CAMO
___ meet SWAP
Coffeehouse dispensers URNS
High-tech 1940s acronym ENIAC
“Hollywood Squares” symbols XES
Chum since childhood OLDFRIEND
“A Death in the Family” novelist James AGEE
“Quo Vadis” actress Deborah KERR
Measures of resistance OHMS
Turnip, for one ROOT
Turner on playlists TINA
Settled on a perch ROOSTED
Deliver, as a verdict RENDER
Brand with “Old World Style” sauces RAGU
Triangular Greek letter DELTA
Pizzeria fixtures OVENS
Sneaker specification WIDTH
4, in a date APRIL
Garage jobs LUBES
Popular boot brand FRYE
Pre-Communist leader TSAR
Nickel source ORE
___ of a kind ONE
Some Jamaican music SKA
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