Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 23, 2018

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Crossword: by Paul Coulter


Jellystone Park bear YOGI
Goes on dates with SEES
In one’s stomach EATEN
Gobs and gobs ATON
Bluesy James ETTA
Heartthrob FLAME
Flower holders POTS
One might represent a family COATOFARMS
Football formation used for passing SHOTGUN
King Kong, e.g. APE
Did nothing SAT
Gauguin or Cezanne PAUL
No-see-ums GNATS
Kimono go-with OBI
“Yay me!” TADA
Drill sergeant’s call DRESSRIGHT
Doing nothing IDLE
Fake duck DECOY
Back in time AGO
Mayflower Compact signer John ALDEN
Like the number 42 EVEN
Outdoor water toy SLIPNSLIDE
Achievement FEAT
Retired jet, for short SST
Where the heart is CHEST
Self-referential, in modern lingo META
Palindromic youngster TOT
Bit in a horse’s mouth? OAT
“The Prodigal Son,” for one PARABLE
Heroic tale SAGA
Amphitheater ARENA
For fear that LEST
Flows back EBBS
Like $2 bills, vis-a-vis $1 bills RARER
Treasure trove in a mine LODE
Interest ___ (loan figure) RATE


Pound sounds YAPS
Texter’s “Then again …” OTOH
Fall apart, literally or figuratively GOTOPIECES
Popular photo-sharing app, for short INSTA
Not overtly religious SECULAR
Prince William’s school ETON
Zeta follower ETA
The Devil SATAN
Like a snob EFFETE
In the manner of ALA
Does some roadwork TARS
Mrs. Peel of “The Avengers” EMMA
Wren’s home NEST
Dizzying MoMA works OPART
Novelty shop purchase, perhaps GAGGIFT
Wine pourer’s woe SPILL
More eccentric ODDER
Short vowel indicator BREVE
Kind of tone made by a phone DIAL
Capital of Ethiopia ADDISABABA
Mushers’ vehicles SLEDS
Basic belief TENET
Word with “boom” or “barrier” SONIC
“I sure ___ so!” HOPE
Fall flower ASTER
Daring diamond action STEAL
Word that ends many yoga classes NAMASTE
Rosh Hashana horn SHOFAR
Single shot from a movie STILL
Stun gun TASER
Winter Palace ruler TSAR
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Bleachers feature TIER
Condition once known as shell shock (Abbr.) PTSD
Letters of the rainbow? LGBT
Convenience EASE
Dallas-to-Kansas City dir. NNE
Lead role in “The Matrix” NEO
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