Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 24, 2018

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Crossword: by Alan Olschwang


Courtyards lit by the sun ATRIA
Goofy frames? CELS
Bit of electricity VOLT
Vikings’ rivals, in the NFL LIONS
Langston Hughes poem about equality ITOO
Finished OVER
*One way to arrive at a party FASHIONABLYLATE
How some do foolish things ASADARE
Metal mixture ALLOY
’60s war zone NAM
About, to an attorney INRE
Apt anagram of “Russ.” USSR
*1969 Bob Dylan hit LAYLADYLAY
Floral segment SEPAL
“Three Sisters” sister OLGA
180 degrees from WSW ENE
Become one UNITE
Clear away dishes BUS
Brief flash GLEAM
Insect in a colony ANT
Court star Lendl IVAN
Causing goose bumps EERIE
*Scorned winners’ chuckles LASTLAUGHS
Grp. of professionals ASSN
“Atlas Shrugged” author Ayn RAND
Archer’s asset AIM
Dust or vacuum CLEAN
Food fish that’s often red SNAPPER
*You’ll hear it spoken in Riga LATVIANLANGUAGE
Fairy tale starter ONCE
All-male party type STAG
Politician’s reputation IMAGE
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” author DAHL
Cry to a fly SHOO
“Deck the Halls,” for one … or a hint to the first two letters of each word in the starred answers CAROL


Letter before bravo ALFA
Argentine aunts TIAS
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
How many prime time shows are broadcast INHD
From India or Indonesia ASIAN
Bollywood business CINEMA
Airport posting, briefly ETA
Easy tennis return LOB
It comes between the scale notes in this puzzle’s theme SOL
Badminton exchange VOLLEY
0 shape OVAL
Jared of “Dallas Buyers Club” LETO
Three, to a poker player TREY
___ contract (unwritten agreement) ORAL
Football distance YARDAGE
Trials and tribulations ILLS
Derby winner … not! NAG
Bar regular’s order, with “the” USUAL
Medicinal plant SENNA
Rotisserie chicken rods SPITS
Untrustworthy one RAT
Like toddlers YOUNG
Dirty looks LEERS
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Arabian Peninsula republic YEMEN
Hawaiian name that means “heavenly flower” LEILANI
Data transfer speed unit BAUD
Grassland LEA
Vehicle with sliding doors VAN
Commit a court infraction? TRAVEL
Tries, with “at” HASAGO
Ireland’s ___ Fein SINN
Witchcraft MAGIC
Chunk of earth CLOD
___ Lang (Superboy’s girlfriend) LANA
Carve with acid ETCH
Cougar PUMA
Early “Tonight Show” host Jack PAAR
Breakfast brand for a toaster EGGO
Angler’s need REEL
Biblical beast of burden ASS
Extreme degree NTH
Taoism founder ___ Tzu LAO
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