Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 25, 2018

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Crossword: by Alex Eaton-Salners


“Ripped” person’s muscles ABS
Programming language that prioritized ease of use BASIC
Last word in a 4-Across program END
Beaver’s barricade DAM
President who won a Peace Prize in 2009 OBAMA
Harvard specialty LAW
Monkey in “Aladdin” ABU
“___ Night” (Shakespeare play) TWELFTH
Female gametes OVA
Pet that might run in a wheel GERBIL
Soda aisle Dr. PEPPER
Creme-filled Keebler cookie ELFUDGE
Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ role in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” HERSELF
Places to collect shells SEASHORES
“Brandenburg Concertos” composer J. S. BACH
Windows forerunner MSDOS
A student might make one up TEST
Astonishment AWE
Have sympathy towards FEELFOR
Big name in TVs RCA
Cheesy chips NACHOS
“In the Hall of the Mountain King” composer Edvard GRIEG
Gerund suffix ING
Errors GOOFS
Christmas tradition represented six times in this puzzle ELFONTHESHELF
Commit too many NBA infractions FOULOUT
Faces a lose-lose situation CANTWIN
Stripped bare DENUDED
Frightening trance while awake DAYMARE
Arousing intense feeling EMOTIVE
“Animal Farm” and “This Is Spinal Tap” SATIRES
Attached, as a patch SEWEDON


“Out of sight, out of mind,” e.g. ADAGE
Biblical tower site BABEL
Tiny blue toon SMURF
Rose and Sugar sports events BOWLGAMES
“Honest” president’s nickname ABE
Mineo of “Rebel Without a Cause” SAL
Global financial org. IMF
One in charge of a Persian army, perhaps? CATPERSON
Marry on the run ELOPE
Lint-gathering body part NAVEL
Sleepy or Sneezy DWARF
Detergent with a target in its logo TIDE
“___ Comes the Sun” HERE
Blackberry plant BUSH
(Hey buddy!) PSST
To be, to Tiberius ESSE
Giraffe’s foot HOOF
The “good” cholesterol (Abbr.) HDL
“The Big ___ Theory” (CBS series) BANG
In the know AWARE
Rhodes with an eponymous scholarship CECIL
Flynn of old Hollywood ERROL
Mock, with “at” SCOFF
Little bits TADS
Military uncertainty FOGOFWAR
“On the double!” RIGHTNOW
Playboy founder’s nickname HEF
“The Simpsons” bar owner MOE
Apple podcast source ITUNES
Minnesota Wild’s org. NHL
Crystal-filled rocks GEODES
Bete ___ NOIRE
Litigious retort SUEME
LPs’ successors CDS
Motorist’s grp. AAA
Paper that ran a 50×50 crossword, for short NYT
Texter’s “Why did you tell me that?!” TMI
Beehive State athlete UTE
Completed DID
___ Morales, Bolivia’s president since 2006 EVO
Cubs’ home DEN
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