Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 26, 2018

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Crossword: by Jim Leeds


Get at least a D PASS
Landlocked African country MALI
Backless shoes MULES
“Vesti la giubba,” e.g., in “Pagliacci” ARIA
One of three in an ozone molecule ATOM
Caribbean island where Dutch is spoken ARUBA
’90s rock musical RENT
Cartoonist Al’s popping toy? CAPPPISTOL
Middle of a paper-and-pencil game TAC
Stuck quarters into FED
Lettuce recalled in 2018 ROMAINE
Watch brand that’s also a Greek letter OMEGA
Beanbag toss target HOLE
Dame’s counterpart SIR
Very different from actor Jamie? FARRREMOVED
X, on a clock TEN
Crustacean that’s the size of a tiny vegetable PEACRAB
Playground comeback ISSO
Quaker William’s aliases? PENNNAMES
Sharpest part of a razor EDGE
Alfresco OPENAIR
Powerful lobby, briefly NRA
Internet program used by 2016 candidate Jim? WEBBBROWSER
Percussive dance style TAP
Amber and apple beverages ALES
Wouk’s “The ___ Mutiny” CAINE
Polynesia is part of it OCEANIA
“Forget it!” NAH
Holliday’s nickname DOC
Newsman Roger’s favorite wasp? MUDDDAUBER
___ de vivre JOIE
Piece of grass BLADE
Diplomat’s strength TACT
Slips up ERRS
Greek forest god SATYR
Tibetan creatures YAKS
Black or striped fish BASS


Included in PARTOF
Concierge’s freebie AREAMAP
Heartfelt SINCERE
Posed in a studio SAT
Spice in some eggnog recipes MACE
Slightly ATAD
Cut (off) LOP
Theater type where ad-libbing is encouraged IMPROV
Injured MAIMED
Celestial bear URSA
Ancient string players LUTISTS
Trees used for piano keys EBONIES
Port city near Naples SALERNO
End of a magnet POLE
Broad satire FARCE
Fruit such as pinot noir GRAPE
Socializes with the big names HOBNOBS
Compass direction suffix ERN
Britain’s Isle of ___ MAN
Witness’ first three words ISAWA
NYPD report APB
Mal de ___ MER
Son of Cain ENOCH
Puts under? ENTOMBS
Count known for his bite DRACULA
Watched in astonishment GAPEDAT
Girl’s name derived from the Egyptian fertility goddess ISIDORA
Pierre-Auguste’s paintings RENOIRS
Digress WANDER
“East of Eden” director Kazan ELIA
She fell for a beast BEAUTY
Time to play freeze tag, perhaps RECESS
Where you live, slangily ADDY
Bottle part NECK
Some are liberal ARTS
Meadow sound BAA
2016 candidate Bush JEB
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