Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 04, 2019

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Crossword: by Brendan Emmett Quigley


“My stars!” GOSH
Group of cookies BATCH
Object on stage PROP
Poker stake ANTE
Romaine concern ECOLI
“What a disaster!” OHNO
Forward-thinking sort? SEER
Large suburbs near a major roadway EDGECITIES
Backup strategy PLANB
Rapper in Hennessy ads NAS
Runs out of juice DIES
Soccer stadium chant OLEOLE
Coat for an African adventure SAFARIJACKET
Bush ___ (the ’00s) ERA
Dave of the Foo Fighters GROHL
Spotify selection TRACK
Deep cut GASH
Scandinavian toast SKOAL
Vogue alternative ELLE
Low female voices ALTOS
“Sesame Street” regular ERNIE
Carry with effort LUG
Binoculars at the Met OPERAGLASSES
Brunei big shot SULTAN
Make edits for length TRIM
“Isle of Dogs” voice actress Yoko ONO
Jimmy of “NYPD Blue” SMITS
Conceited look SMIRK
Bald head, facetiously CHROMEDOME
Begging word PLEA
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Jason KIDD
South Korea’s capital SEOUL
Rachel’s biblical sister LEAH
Went 100, say SPED
Chills (with) HANGS
“Highly Questionable” channel ESPN


Inhale suddenly GASP
Starting law student ONEL
Extremely loyal STEADFAST
Weightlifter’s injury HERNIA
Insect such as a queen BEE
Electrically flexible ACDC
“For here or ___?” TOGO
Egyptian queen’s nickname CLEO
Lawman “Wild” Bill HICKOK
Ceramics creation POT
Zoo heavyweight, briefly RHINO
“Shaqtin’ a Fool” host ONEAL
Rapper’s squad POSSE
Bit of land in the ocean ISLET
Floating ice block BERG
Knights SIRS
To be, to Jeanne ETRE
Sonic the Hedgehog’s company SEGA
Shrinking Asian sea ARAL
Batman’s foe, with “The” JOKER
Spanish for “now” AHORA
Harsh bell sound CLANG
Visibly happy ALLSMILES
Miss Scarlet’s game CLUE
Big beer containers KEGS
“What a ___!” (“Hahaha!”) HOOT
Merry ditty LILT
Muscle jerk SPASM
Units of corn EARS
Become tangled ENMESH
Dr. Seuss’ “Fox in ___” SOCKS
Square UNHIP
“Royals” singer LORDE
Inspirational thought IDEA
Animated Rick or Morty TOON
Puffed-up SMUG
Take in crops REAP
Actress Madeline KAHN
Strange ODD
Llama’s head? ELS
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