Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 05, 2019

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Crossword: by Trenton Charlson


“Li’l Abner” cartoonist ALCAPP
TV sales channel HSN
TV sales channel QVC
French dogs POODLES
Less transparent OPAQUER
Make amends for EXPIATE
Pacific island nation VANUATU
And the following, in bibliographies (Abbr.) ETSEQ
Cookbook instruction STIR
Chef’s hat TOQUE
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g. DUO
Rock trio known for its bearded members ZZTOP
“Elementary” actress Lucy LIU
Delegate or relegate ASSIGN
Crooked BENT
Closed social circle CLIQUE
___-Magnon CRO
Raw metals ORES
Actor Gulager whose name sounds like a crossword hint CLU
Co-star of Shatner and Nimoy TAKEI
Pugilists’ org. WBA
Space ball ORB
Healthy bar offerings SALADS
Sooner State city ENID
Like “it,” grammatically NEUTER
Elevator compartment CAR
Rachel Maddow’s network MSNBC
Part of a royal flush ACE
City destroyed by Godzilla TOKYO
Encircle GIRD
Radio legend Casey KASEM
Indent producers TABKEYS
Green citrus drink LIMEADE
Popeye’s son SWEEPEA
Puzzle that’s more hard than fun, say STINKER
Knock the socks off AWE
Psychic’s power ESP
Time pieces? ESSAYS


Orangutan, e.g. APE
Deli delicacy LOX
Cruiser driver COP
French farewell ADIEU
Mesa relative PLATEAU
Teachers’ favorites PETS
Ride-sharing lane, briefly HOV
Luxury resort amenities SPAS
NFL sportscaster Jim NANTZ
Play caller … or, when shortened, a hint to 10-, 16-, 20-, 24-, and 36-Down QUARTERBACK
Zoo doc VET
Grand ___ (wine classification) CRU
Origins SEEDS
Academic trivia competition QUIZBOWL
Easy money QUICKBUCK
R.N.’s special touch TLC
Repair shop containers OILCANS
Patchwork gathering QUILTINGBEE
Not-so-gentle giant OGRE
Big name in multivitamins ONEADAY
Score tally (Abbr.) PTS
Determined to do SETON
Clamor NOISE
All-terrain vehicle QUADBIKE
Region AREA
Twin sister of Apollo ARTEMIS
Sellout show sign SRO
Dabbling ducks TEALS
Thin pancake CREPE
Harbingers OMENS
Salon supplies DYES
Web surfer’s destination SITE
Screener’s org. TSA
“How cute!” AWW
Gullible type SAP
Letters on a wanted poster AKA
Susan of “L.A. Law” DEY
R.N. locales ERS
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