Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 09, 2019

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Crossword: by George Jasper


Help with a heist ABET
Closest 57-Across, in texts BFFS
Bond portrayer in “Skyfall” CRAIG
Bring down the house? RAZE
Cream guitarist Clapton ERIC
Palindromic turbine part ROTOR
High peak in WA MTRAINIER
Jelly Belly’s ___-Frutti TUTTI
Brewer’s supply YEAST
Riyadh resident ARAB
Blues or Jazz TEAM
French painter who led the Fauvist movement HENRIMATISSE
One lacking pigment ALBINO
“Stop it!” DONT
Earring style HOOP
Nasty-sounding container VIAL
Must-haves NEEDS
New Haven Ivy Leaguer ELI
James Bond’s beverage of choice, whose letters are “shaken” in 17-, 24-, 51-, and 64-Across MARTINI
Dr. of rap DRE
Kenyan native MASAI
Fulfilled, as a promise KEPT
Sicilian mount ETNA
December 24 and 31 EVES
Old West hangout SALOON
Question from one concerned about punishment AMIINTROUBLE
’50s fountain order SODA
Friends PALS
“Uncle!” IGIVE
With 52-Down, catchphrase such as Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” STATE
Hall-of-Fame Expos left fielder TIMRAINES
A Musketeer ATHOS
Third baseman Longoria EVAN
Going ___ (arguing) ATIT
Bond portrayer in “Moonraker” MOORE
Gym units REPS
“Cup or ___?” CONE


Troop group ARMY
Hold, as one’s breath BATE
Pound of poetry EZRA
Unwelcome Boston Harbor vessel in 1773 TEASHIP
Jerry’s partner BEN
Member of a religious order FRIAR
Food Network host Guy FIERI
“Get lost!” SCRAM
Old PC monitor CRT
Daily grind ROUTINE
Affirmed the truth of ATTESTEDTO
I’s, in sorority names IOTAS
Stubborn laundry target GRIME
Coast-to-coast U.S. highway ITEN
“Breaking ___” (longtime AMC series) BAD
Exploding star NOVA
“Beloved” author Morrison TONI
“Excuse me …” AHEM
Kinks hit of 1970 LOLA
Capital southeast of Olympia, Washington BOISEIDAHO
Rub the wrong way IRK
Enjoyed a dining hall ATE
Sass LIP
Villain who utters this puzzle’s title in a film of the same name DRNO
Connery who played Bond in seven films SEAN
Personal appearance MIEN
Accident-probing agcy. NTSB
Ace high? AVIATOR
Like a mournful poem ELEGIAC
“The Racer’s Edge” brand STP
Et ___ (and others) ALIA
Indian silk center ASSAM
See 62-Across MOTTO
Yelp user, at times RATER
40-Across garnish OLIVE
One often has a star next to Washington, D.C. USMAP
Digging, metaphorically INTO
Blood vessel that looks blue VEIN
Tequila sunrise direction? ESTE
Jargon suffix ESE
ICU attendants RNS
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