Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 10, 2019

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Crossword: by Jacob Stulberg


A diet may slim it WAIST
Reading ___ (bedside fixture) LAMP
Shoe in high fashion? HEEL
“Slumdog Millionaire” setting INDIA
Plane calculation AREA
Trade fair EXPO
Peaceful pool filler, but more so? STOCKSTILLWATER
Fish that might shock you EEL
___ out a living (barely got by) EKED
Missed the mark ERRED
Somewhat, informally SORTA
Thread or tape holder SPOOL
Elisabeth of “Leaving Las Vegas” SHUE
Suffix with “legal” ESE
20th-century conflict, but more so? ICECOLDWAR
Figure skating maneuver AXEL
North Dakota city MINOT
Hit hard RAM
“The Jetsons” dog ASTRO
Shaving lotion brand AFTA
Rehearsal, but more so? BONEDRYRUN
“Mine,” in Madrid MIA
Gordon’s beverages GINS
Key players? ATEAM
It might end a battle TRUCE
Liverpudlian, e.g. BRIT
“Please specify” survey option OTHER
Writes (down) JOTS
___ coat (sailor’s jacket) PEA
Jazz instrument, but more so? BOLTUPRIGHTBASS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Summer solstice month JUNE
Like soda bread IRISH
Gwynn with five Gold Gloves TONY
Alluring SEXY
Lake rental CANOE


What you put into a pot ANTE
Old Testament no-no IDOL
(Not my mistake) SIC
Become established TAKEROOT
Glove material LATEX
Far from fertile ARID
Funny man Brooks MEL
Chum PAL
Newsboy’s repeated shout EXTRAEXTRA
Foil alternative, to a fencer EPEE
Title for Voldemort LORD
Pirate flag icon SKULL
“What ___ you thinking?” WERE
Winter mugful COCOA
Emotion related to guilt SHAME
Word in many church names OUR
“Ready Player One” genre, familiarly SCIFI
Five-in-one Olympics event PENTATHLON
Graceful birds SWANS
Syringe’s contents, perhaps SERUM
Tech bigwig Musk ELON
Muslim cleric IMAM
Toy you might attach a camera to DRONE
Until now ASYET
Kind of flair or freedom ARTISTIC
Lighter brand BIC
___ Maul (“Star Wars” character) DARTH
Fount of knowledge GURU
Take from the top RETRY
One over par BOGEY
Final newspaper piece, briefly OBIT
Burkina Faso neighbor TOGO
Curse JINX
“No ___, no gain!” PAIN
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Sleepwear, for short PJS
Regret RUE
Maidenform garment BRA
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