Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 12, 2019

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Crossword: by Ross Trudeau


Crime novelist Christie AGATHA
The Crimson Tide, for short BAMA
Gentle knock TAP
“Anyway, afterward …” SOTHEN
Baldwin of “The Boss Baby” ALEC
“___ had it!” IVE
Possess, in court HAVEANDHOLD
Sch. near Harvard MIT
Unmortgaged, in court FREEANDCLEAR
“Right back ___!” ATYA
Halloween costume hair WIG
Prefix with “potent” OMNI
Oompa ___ LOOMPA
Hannibal Lecter’s bean type FAVA
Accurate, in court TRUEANDCORRECT
Broadcast AIR
Getting-in-shape aid? STENCIL
Pronoun in a 2016 slogan HER
Midmonth date IDES
Two-time Super Bowl champion Samuel ASANTE
“Pretty please?” CANI
Smoggy city meas. AQI
D’Urberville girl TESS
Everything, in court ALLANDSUNDRY
Actress Lucy LIU
Obedience, in court LAWANDORDER
And so on, briefly ETC
Industry mogul CZAR
About 60 percent of humans ASIANS
___ choy BOK
Text message status SENT
Pleasure boats YACHTS


Cigar residue ASH
Indian tourist spot GOA
Off-road transport, briefly ATV
Lady Gaga’s debut album THEFAME
Catch wind of HEAR
Diarist Frank ANNE
Religion founded in Persia BAHAI
As a companion ALONG
Blend MELD
“Back in Black” rockers ACDC
Doc Brown’s DeLorean, for one TIMEMACHINE
Bird-related AVIAN
Type of lab dish PETRI
Morning grass cover DEW
Adore LOVE
Utah ski resort ALTA
Doughnut-shaped TORIC
“How fortunate!” YOUREINLUCK
Out of style PASSE
Pays to play ANTES
Painter Kahlo FRIDA
Setting for many Van Goghs ARLES
Anti-trafficking org. DEA
Fareed Zakaria’s network CNN
Anxious condition, briefly OCD
Tries out TESTS
Ways to go: Abbr. RTES
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Lecherous SATYRIC
Biblical spy CALEB
Justice Samuel ALITO
Nile dam city ASWAN
Ice cream quantity QUART
Quaint hotel INN
MLB semifinal NLCS
Mental fog DAZE
Omaha Beach assault time DDAY
Parks on a bus ROSA
“Well, lah-di-___!” DAH
Tolkien tree creature ENT
News feed inits. RSS
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