Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 15, 2019

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Crossword: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Gives a raw deal to SHAFTS
“Macbeth” witches HAGS
Vid taker CAM
Tiny maze navigator LABRAT
Residential ___ AREA
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
Stupidity IDIOCY
Dangerous place LIONSDEN
Seder bread MATZO
Late night pioneer Jack PAAR
Record to watch later TIVO
Little hitters’ game TEEBALL
Donut coverings GLAZES
iPod discontinued in 2017 NANO
Coral formation REEF
Baseless rumor CANARD
Loss of courage COLDFEET
Guinness of “Star Wars” ALEC
2016 candidate Marco RUBIO
Fundraiser bag TOTE
Clara Barton’s organization REDCROSS
Trimmed the bushes PRUNED
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Taunt from the stands JEER
Coffee or tea LIQUID
Sore throat soother LOZENGE
Afghanistan neighbor IRAN
Follow orders OBEY
Takes it easy LOLLS
In shreds TATTERED
Dream up DEVISE
Stage legend Hagen UTA
Arctic Ocean peril BERG
Trapped at a ski lodge, maybe ICEDIN
Apiece PER
Skeleton piece BONE
Sesame, for one STREET


Slight in build SLIM
Went after HADAT
Grab ___ (eat on the run) ABITE
*Suspended bank fund FROZENACCOUNT
Buffet with shells TACOBAR
Digs on a farm? STY
Like many Muslim delis HALAL
Met solo ARIA
*Noted Mexican-American comedian GEORGELOPEZ
___ Pedro SAN
City near Seville CADIZ
Tylenol alternative ALEVE
Mythical king of Crete MINOS
Personnel concern … or a hint to the synonyms hidden backward in the starred answers STAFFTURNOVER
West Bank grp. PLO
*Operating system named for a cookie ANDROIDOREO
Spearheaded LED
“Vive le ___!” ROI
Lincoln or Ford CAR
Drink with pub grub ALE
Beatty of “Deliverance” NED
“The Price Is Right” network CBS
Very long period EON
Summer, in Dijon ETE
Danson of “Fargo” TED
Play for a patsy USE
Sch. near Albany RPI
Put back in office REELECT
Pride partner JOY
Like Vegas’ Strip at night LITUP
Ready to explode IRATE
Home of Doha QATAR
Potted plant’s place LEDGE
Skate on ice GLIDE
Borden’s milk pitcher ELSIE
Switzerland’s capital BERN
Mailed SENT
___ and flow EBB
Put down, slangily DIS
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