Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 16, 2019

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Crossword: by Gary Cee


Spreadsheet figures DATA
First-grader, for one CHILD
Tequila order SHOT
Makeup maker AVON
What a mute button mutes AUDIO
Traditions and such LORE
Yin and ___ YANG
Governor Howard/Theologian Luther DEANMARTIN
Excessive, as a price STEEP
“Follow me, Rover!” HEEL
Got a blue ribbon WON
Senator Rand/Liberator Bolivar PAULSIMON
Like old chips STALE
Sculptor Jean ARP
Turkish official AGA
Hotel attendant PORTER
7-Eleven “brain-freeze” drink SLURPEE
“Agreed” YES
Novelist Henry/Actor Lautner JAMESTAYLOR
Gear tooth COG
They give directions to visitors LOCALS
Little shaver TOT
Undergarment with a clasp BRA
Runner’s sprain site ANKLE
Pitcher Tommy/Banker Rothschild JOHNMAYER
Colorado tribe member UTE
Bit of defamation SLUR
Enthusiastic EAGER
Director Nicholas/Aviator Lindbergh RAYCHARLES
Mosey about ROVE
Decorated a cake ICED
Cash, in slang MOOLA
Smallest bills ONES
Airport terminal figs. ETDS
Young’s partner ERNST
Jay’s home NEST


Pampering place DAYSPA
Online likeness AVATAR
Get buff TONEUP
Christmas cookie shape ANGEL
Scoundrel CAD
Lime green, e.g. HUE
Twin Falls’ state IDAHO
___ closet LINEN
Capitol topper DOME
Canon offering, briefly SLR
Big trouble HOTWATER
Baltimore team ORIOLES
Hamilton’s greenback TENNER
In addition ALSO
Biblical verse PSALM
“Suppose so” IGUESS
Grassy wetland MARSH
Don in a fitting room TRYON
Quarterback Manning PEYTON
Katey of “Sons of Anarchy” SAGAL
Generic school grp. PTO
Venus neighbor EARTH
Competed for a position JOCKEYED
Helper’s offer LETME
Touch base with CONTACT
Actor Hugh LAURIE
Grateful Dead bassist Phil LESH
Martha of the Vandellas REEVES
Slap cuffs on ARREST
Box seat holder? JUROR
Trademarked fiber ORLON
Packer Rodgers AARON
___ duck president LAME
Low-risk investments: Abbr. CDS
Chicago trains ELS
Didn’t participate SAT
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