Stage fare Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Stage fare

Solution: DRAMA

DRAMA Definition 1:
A piece of writing that tells a story and is performed on a stage .
He is reading an ancient Greek drama.
DRAMA Definition 2:
A play, movie, television show, or radio show that is about a serious subject and is not meant to make the audience laugh count noncount .
A television/radio drama
A police drama [=a serious show about police work]
I prefer drama to comedy.
DRAMA Definition 3:
The art or activity of performing a role in a play, show, etc. :acting .
His interest in drama began at a very young age.
She studied drama in college.
drama school
A drama teacher/student
DRAMA Definition 4:
A situation or series of events that is exciting and that affects people’s emotions count noncount .
The dramas of teenage life
She watched the drama unfold as they began screaming at each other.
A competition full of drama
The drama of the courtroom proceedings
A moment of high drama [=a very exciting and dramatic moment]

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