Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 02, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Use a keyboard Type
Sheriff’s star Badge
Disagreement Spat
Acquire by labor Earn
Best Ideal
Comfort Ease
Narrow cut Slit
Moderation Temperance
Doctrine Tenet
Strainer Sieve
Charged particle Ion
Pack tightly Cram
Votes in Elects
Pierre’s pal Ami
Kept Retained
Mouth edges Lips
Gull’s kin Tern
Clocked Timed
Break suddenly Snap
Will ____ of “Men in Black” Smith
Underground chamber Cave
Lubricated Oiled
Ecuador’s neighbor Peru
Family diagram Tree
Spray cans Aerosols
Married woman (abbr.) Mrs
Uncommon Scarce
Peruvian capital Lima
Is able Can
____ Fools’ Day April
Arctic Polar
Criminal mastermind Ringleader
Comedian ____ Carvey Dana
Location Area
Coliseum Arena
Circular current Eddy
Flower Posy
Minimum Least
Not as much Less


Midterm, e.g. Test
New Haven school Yale
Main Principal
Register Enter
Horse’s mouthpiece Bit
Summer drinks Ades
____ Moore of “G.I. Jane” Demi
Ogle Gape
Gridiron number Eleven
Watery expanse Sea
Sudden fright Panic
Dandy’s neckwear Ascot
Young people Teens
Lease again Relet
Road material Tar
Shea players Mets
Decree Edict
Too Also
Short skirt Mini
Musical pace Tempo
Zodiac sign Aries
Beginning part Intro
Harpoon Spear
Citrus preserve Marmalade
Happily ____ after Ever
Inferior grades Dees
Boat’s frame Hull
Sticker Decal
Revoke Repeal
Tiny drink Sip
Waste material Scrap
Egypt’s capital Cairo
Rice and Frank Annes
Cindy Crawford, e.g. Model
Scarce Rare
Original thought Idea
Camera glass Lens
Ampersands Ands
Beams Rays
Happy Gay
Squeal Rat
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