Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 03, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Dishonor Shame
Intersection sign Stop
Whip Lash
Hawk’s weapon Talon
Shove Push
Butter substitute Oleo
Audibly Aloud
Andes native Inca
Scandinavian capital Oslo
____ Witherspoon of “Pleasantville” Reese
Close Near
Not hard Soft
America’s uncle Sam
Grade Rate
Ball-shaped objects Spheres
Showy Ornate
Actor’s prompt Cue
Wealthy (hyph.) Wellheeled
Opera tunes Arias
Average grade Cee
Double-____ sword Edged
Honoring Respecting
French friend Ami
Divan Settee
Cat breed Siamese
Contradictive contraction Isnt
2nd amendment lobby Nra
Scram! Scat
Consequently Thus
Sun-dried brick Adobe
Hawaiian island Oahu
Monthly expense Rent
Crowlike bird Raven
Was a copycat Aped
China’s continent Asia
Make right Amend
Italy’s capital Rome
Rents Lets
Portable shelters Tents


Headliner Star
Healthy Hale
Soothing plant Aloe
Whipped dessert Mousse
Make lovable Endear
Gyrate Spin
Melody Tune
Hollywood award Oscar
Ancient Egyptian king Pharaoh
Made less tight Loosened
Likewise Also
Ego Self
Owl call Hoot
Cat’s sound Mew
Dogwood or palm Tree
Injury marks Scars
Thick soup Puree
Robbery Heist
Religious group Sect
Water plants Algae
Swarms Teems
____ Murphy of “Shrek” Eddie
Luau garland Lei
Telescope part Lens
Innate ability Aptitude
Witnesses Sees
New York’s ____ Park Central
Card game Gin
Biblical mountain Ararat
French title Madame
The ones here These
Fly Soar
Guitarist’s aid Capo
Throat-clearing sound Ahem
Single thing Unit
Terminals (abbr.) Stas
Baking chamber Oven
Twisted Bent
Remnants Ends
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