Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 06, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Golf club Iron
Tater Spud
Zeal Ardor
Zero None
Acapulco coin Peso
Nile city Cairo
Grouped Clustered
Bird’s sound Cheep
Actor Charlton ____ Heston
Medicinal amount Dose
Opposite of NNW Sse
Plenty Lots
UN member Usa
Desert beast Camel
Astronomer’s tool Telescope
____ loss for words (2 wds.) Ata
Fatigued Tired
Poet ____ Pound Ezra
File Rasp
Please greatly Elate
Achieves Does
Lotion ingredient Aloe
Cozy retreats Nests
Once named Nee
Nashville’s state Tennessee
Adolescents Teens
’50s monogram Dde
Precipitation Rain
Deteriorate Rot
____ of Capri Isle
Fatal Lethal
Regarding About
Instant Immediate
Chest Torso
Marina sight Pier
Coagulate Clot
Spanish “mister” Senor
RBI, e.g. Stat
Shade providers Elms


Ruler division Inch
____ model Role
Burden Onus
Snuggle Nestle
Depleted Spent
Part of MPH Per
Secondhand Used
Extinct bird Dodo
Admittance Access
Football cheer Rah
Expires Dies
Metallic deposits Ores
Cowboy’s gear Rope
Hammer or screwdriver Tool
Certain leathers Suedes
Actress Julia ____ Stiles
Scored on serve Aced
Diamond weight Carat
“____ of Two Cities” (2 wds.) Atale
Bricklayer Mason
Remove Erase
Mailbox item Letter
Atmosphere layer Ozone
Groom Preen
Slackens Eases
Gets uptight Tenses
Remain undecided Pend
Reporter’s boss Editor
Tethered Tied
Tempt Entice
On one’s toes Alert
Squealers Rats
Woodwind Oboe
Ripped Torn
Mouth parts Lips
Radiate Emit
Corridor Hall
Potent particle Atom
Rents out Lets
GI’s club Uso
Give ____ break! (2 wds.) Mea
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