Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 07, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pavarotti solo Aria
Slight advantage Edge
Hurt Ached
Crooned Sang
Viewed Seen
Australian marsupial Koala
Nonstop Incessant
Fidgety Antsy
Coral island Atoll
Worry Fret
Average grades Cees
Warmth Heat
Wipe out Erase
Conductor’s title Maestro
President Ronald ____ Reagan
Rower’s needs Oars
Overt Open
San Antonio shrine Alamo
Native mineral Ore
Entice Attract
Pirate’s liquor Rum
Sub finder Sonar
Identical Same
House (Sp.) Casa
Menu item Entree
Angered Enraged
Sail supports Masts
Carry around Tote
Mediocre (hyph.) Soso
Mountain cat Puma
Aromatic herb Basil
Old Roman language Latin
Enact laws Legislate
Chicago’s airport Ohare
Insult Slur
Bullring shouts Oles
Blender setting Puree
What a pity! Alas
Jewels Gems


Vietnam’s continent Asia
Talk wildly Rant
Unintelligible Incoherent
Eternal Ageless
Snaky curve Ess
Hearing-impaired Deaf
Kind Genre
Door sign Enter
Alias initials Aka
Hide Conceal
Dislike strongly Hate
Other than Else
“____ of Our Lives” Days
Narrow board Slat
Paving liquid Tar
Horse’s gait Trot
____ belt Seat
Bullwinkle, for one Moose
Baseball great Hank ____ Aaron
Chooses Opts
Bargain hunter’s stop (2 wds.) Garagesale
Entertain Amuse
Roaming tribesman Nomad
Gay Nineties, e.g. Era
Designate Name
Length times width Area
Penny Cent
Clothes cabinet Armoire
Product list Catalog
Psychic letters Esp
Steals from Robs
Oklahoma city Tulsa
Sniff Smell
Spill Slop
Honolulu’s island Oahu
“A ____ Is Born” Star
Spanish water Agua
Thing Item
Not so much Less
Born Nee
Tax agcy. Irs
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