Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 08, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Tiny amount Trace
Stand up Rise
Kite part Tail
Competitor Rival
Guitarist ____ Clapton Eric
Other Else
Make amends Atone
Tie firmly Lash
Housing payment Rent
Cure-alls Panaceas
Builds Erects
RBI, e.g. Stat
Sad cry Alas
Bad mood Snit
Not excessive Reasonable
Songstress ____ Turner Tina
Bell sound Ding
Atmosphere Air
Sept. follower Oct
Pacify Appease
Positive vote Yea
Atop, poetically Oer
Farm yield Crop
Long periods Eons
Business owner Proprietor
Inspiring one Muse
Breather Rest
Sit for a painting Pose
Most feeble Lamest
Hindered Deterred
Overlook Omit
Froster Icer
All kidding ____ Aside
Milk measure Pint
Space agency (abbr.) Nasa
Skier’s hotel Lodge
Whirlpool Eddy
BPOE members Elks
Scoff Sneer


Mouse catcher Trap
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
English river Avon
Card game Canasta
Vote in Elect
Narrate Relate
Retirement accts. Iras
Bro’s sib Sis
Levels of authority Echelons
Mother ____ (missionary) Teresa
A Baldwin brother Alec
Negative contraction Isnt
Leases Lets
Corn spike Ear
Cookstove Range
Tibet’s continent Asia
Small porch Stoop
More congenial Nicer
Preface Intro
Highly skilled Adept
Louisiana marsh Bayou
Mortgages Liens
Remove Erase
Land measures Acres
Unspoiled Pristine
Rhyme creator Poet
Ralph Waldo ____ Emerson
“____ in Pink” Pretty
Musical dramas Operas
Deteriorate Rot
Official stamps Seals
Easy gait Lope
Between Amid
____ over matter Mind
Office table Desk
Be a passenger Ride
Cliff’s brink Edge
Forest creature Deer
____ Ripken, Jr. Cal
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