Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 09, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


____ and fauna Flora
Pinup ____ Hayworth Rita
Precious stones Gems
Smooth Level
Summer coolers Ades
Again Anew
Bungling Inept
Provide fresh air Ventilate
Tiny opening Pore
Guiding person Leader
Heel Cad
The Devil Satan
Baby’s toy Rattle
Wicker Rattan
Personal preference Taste
____ loss (2 wds.) Ata
Flower part Petal
Comforted Eased
Butterfly’s kin Moth
Fathers Sires
Mast Spar
Pointed weapon Spear
Coffee flavor Mocha
Baseball stat Era
Put back to zero Reset
Vouch for Attest
Most feeble Lamest
Run, as colors Bleed
Brewery product Ale
Archer’s goal Target
____ of passage Rite
Inedible mushroom Toadstool
Cautious Leery
Involved with Into
Golden calf, e.g. Idol
Magazine edition Issue
Robin’s residence Nest
Surrender Cede
Out of style Dated


Gymnast’s move Flip
Carson’s successor Leno
Exaggerate Overstate
Do again Repeat
Model Carol ____ Alt
Black bird Raven
Suggestion Idea
Care for Tend
Fall flowers Asters
Lass Gal
Put into effect Enact
Iron or lead Metal
Stockholm resident Swede
Incensed Irate
Country roads Lanes
Strike lightly Tap
Afternoon affairs Teas
Ewes’ mates Rams
Upon Atop
Gypsy’s card Tarot
Guinness of “Star Wars” Alec
“Newsweek” rival Time
Most rapid Speediest
Hearing organs Ears
Mild expletive Drat
Tortoise’s opponent Hare
Bible verb Shalt
Takes five Rests
Feasted Ate
____ electricity Static
Mother ____ Teresa
Caesar’s language Latin
Without company Alone
Vegetarians’ taboos Meats
Southern beauty Belle
Went by bus Rode
Fine Good
Factual True
Looked at Eyed
Polka ____ Dot
Cover Lid
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