Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 10, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Norse tale Saga
Resource Asset
Female singer Alto
Concluded Over
Frighten Scare
Thick piece Slab
Stop that! Dont
Mixed greens Salad
Whittle down Pare
Poison remedy Antidote
Office notes Memos
Time unit (abbr.) Sec
Treat with drugs Medicate
Kind of infection Viral
Actor ____ Dillon Matt
Satiric Ironic
Tedious Tiresome
Sorrowful Sad
Lessen Abate
Companion Pal
Gave out, as a task Assigned
Ambulance alarms Sirens
High ____ Noon
Thick Dense
Appraise again Reassess
Oolong, e.g. Tea
Our planet Earth
Like lines that never cross Parallel
On a voyage Asea
Creepy Eerie
Accept Take
William or Sean Penn
Napped leather Suede
Till bills Ones
Bed support Slat
Printing machine Press
Remainder Rest


Carbonated drink Soda
Shakespeare’s river Avon
Lady’s escort Gent
Silversmith, e.g. Artisan
Organization (abbr.) Assoc
Go away! Scat
Capital of Oregon Salem
Pitching stat Era
Senator ____ Kennedy Ted
Facets Aspects
Peruvian animal Llama
Fortuneteller’s card Tarot
Fat Obese
Hero shop Deli
Tiny insect Mite
Discharge Emit
Challenges Dares
Passport endorsement Visa
Levin and Gershwin Iras
Poles Rods
Narrow boat Canoe
Little bit Tad
Ajar Open
Supplies workers Mans
Additional Else
Affleck and Franklin Bens
Moment Instant
Jeepers! Gosh
Conception Idea
Housing agent Realtor
Gathers crops Reaps
Painter’s stand Easel
Ring Arena
Shopping frenzy Spree
Forest growths Trees
Helps Aids
Highway section Lane
Makes do Ekes
For fear that Lest
Psychic inits. Esp
Portugal’s cont. Eur
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