Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 26, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Fleshy fruit Pear
Humdrum Blah
Oak nut Acorn
Fury Rage
Gambling city Reno
____ Antoinette Marie
Makes a mistake Errs
Foresee Anticipate
Dance move Step
Flung Tossed
Was ahead Led
Grown lambs Sheep
Exam Test
School group Class
Begins Starts
Three-in-a-row game (hyph.) Tictactoe
Peel Pare
Lyricist Gershwin Ira
Tailors’ needs Needles
Bring to court Sue
Forfeit Lose
Alternative to paint Wallpaper
Make possible Enable
Less hazardous Safer
Snide comment Barb
Deep fear Dread
Alias letters Aka
Afternoon snooze Siesta
Advantage Edge
Absence of defects Perfection
Thirst quenchers Ades
Go in Enter
Mailbox opening Slot
Ice arena Rink
Thorny blooms Roses
Oxen’s harness Yoke
Collections Sets


Push down Press
Dirt Earth
Concur Agree
Admiration Respect
Annoying child Brat
Letterman’s rival Leno
Picnic nuisances Ants
Lift Hoist
Surrounded by Amidst
Beret Cap
Spoken Oral
Ceremonial act Rite
Want Need
Mediocre grades Cees
Scheme Plan
Faucet Tap
Crack pilot Ace
Brood Stew
Soft drinks Sodas
Scrape roughly Rasp
Correct True
Psychic Seer
Mahjong piece Tile
Steamy appliance Iron
Juan’s house Casa
She, in Barcelona Ella
Santa’s helper Elf
Made haste Sped
Recede Ebb
In ____ (late with payment) Arrears
Intense beams Lasers
Clapton or Idle Eric
Flag-maker ____ Ross Betsy
____ Murphy of “Beverly Hills Cop” Eddie
FBI employee Agent
Students’ tables Desks
Copier Aper
Casino game Keno
Martial ____ Arts
Farm structure Silo
Seized Took
Opening bet Ante
Charge Fee
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