Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 27, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Framed (2 wds.) Setup
Leftover dish Hash
Buddy Chum
Stale Trite
Hurt Ache
Present! Here
Helpers Aides
Team performance listing Standings
Fragrance Scent
Male cat Tom
Frank and Rice Annes
Passover dinner Seder
Not wavering Steady
Respect Admire
Exits Goes
Spinnaker, e.g. Sail
Overcharge for tickets Scalp
Toward the sunrise East
Common conjunction And
More colorless Paler
____ Jones Industrial Average Dow
Poker holding Pair
Sports venue Arena
Hindu dress Sari
Give forth Emit
Eggnog spice Nutmeg
Fellow leading actor Costar
Apt Prone
Building addition Annex
Notable period Era
Like Santa’s helpers Elfin
Not idealized Realistic
Unattended Alone
Kite feature Tail
Top Acme
Fry lightly Saute
Building extensions Ells
“Silkwood” actress Cher
Baseball blunder Error


Depots (abbr.) Stas
Singer ____ Clapton Eric
Ocean current Tide
Tool Utensil
Annoy Pester
Speed Haste
Performer Actor
Imitation Sham
Egg layer Hen
Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
Hair coloring Henna
Encouraged Urged
Sloppy Messy
Appointment Date
Hopelessness Despair
High voice Soprano
Right away (abbr.) Asap
____ Carvey of SNL Dana
Skirt length Midi
Singer ____ Campbell Glen
Small wagon Cart
Tavern order Ale
Genesis man Adam
Sensitive Sore
Tiny branch Twig
Narrates again Retells
Outstanding Stellar
Skirt length Maxi
Discomfort Unease
____ blanche Carte
Laker Shaquille ____ Oneal
Slowpoke Snail
Kind of number Prime
Professional speedster Racer
Engrave with acid Etch
Quartet count Four
Division term Into
____-do-well Neer
Cul-de-____ Sac
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