Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 28, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Location Place
Proves human Errs
Bothers Irks
Goes by taxi Rides
Chimney dirt Soot
Short skirt Mini
Foretelling signs Omens
Guided trip Tour
Swimming spot Pool
U.S. ____ Service Postal
Spike heel Stiletto
Bread type Rye
Moderately warm Tepid
Deadlock Impasse
Slightest Least
West Virginia product Coal
Brahms piece Sonata
Auto Car
The I in TGIF Its
Unbranded Generic
Make a knot Tie
Forget-me-____ Not
Unobserved Unseen
Not any None
Vine fruit Grape
Maintains Asserts
Small landmass Islet
Ostrich’s kin Emu
Darkroom item Negative
“____ Weapon” Lethal
Not odd Even
Horse’s hair Mane
Moved upward Arose
Nevada town Reno
First garden Eden
Comic ____ O’Donnell Rosie
Unrefined metals Ores
Solidifies Sets
____ preview Sneak


Rigid support Prop
VIP’s car Limo
Summer drinks Ades
In the middle Central
Compositions Essays
Newark time zone (abbr.) Est
Bird’s perch Roost
Map word Route
Undress Strip
Obstruct Impede
Uproar Riot
Tie Knot
Barn’s neighbor Silo
Diminish Lessen
Blooming bush Lilac
Cake covering Icing
Engine Motor
Spaghetti, e.g. Pasta
Many years Eons
Movie star Actor
Holy person Saint
Forest growths Trees
Born Nee
____ code Area
Christmas glitter Tinsel
Visitor Guest
Atom part Neutron
Baby grands, e.g. Pianos
Smudges Smears
Green fruits Limes
Avoid Evade
Doctrine Tenet
Fiddling emperor Nero
At all times Ever
Heredity unit Gene
Nylons Hose
Europe’s neighbor Asia
Soup vegetable Leek
Certain dashes Ens
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