Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Heidi’s mountains Alps
Munch Chew
Peruses Reads
Dominate Rule
Stockings Hose
Gold bar Ingot
Most like milk fat Creamiest
“Ave ____” Maria
Summer, e.g. Season
Opposite of WNW Ese
Curved Bent
Female students Coeds
Assert Allege
Stalemate Impasse
Buffalo’s waterfront Erie
Ooze Seep
Get free Escape
CBS rival Abc
Snouts Noses
Plant holder Pot
Shopping binge Spree
A couple Two
Pressed Ironed
Orange peel Rind
Roasting rod Spit
Set free Release
Lend a hand Assist
Boxer Mike ____ Tyson
Naturalist John ____ Muir
____ conditioner Air
Thinly distributed Sparse
Pointed a gun Aimed
Farm animals Livestock
Boulder Stone
Fox’s home Lair
____ vera Aloe
Feel Sense
Bed board Slat
Allows Lets


Circle sections Arcs
Entice Lure
Guilty, e.g. Plea
Ocean scene Seascape
Beijing natives Chinese
Weeding implement Hoe
Some curves Esses
Dampens Wets
Lip Rim
Empower Enable
Consent Agree
Accomplishing Doing
____ Fair State
Pasture sounds Moos
Wyatt ____ Earp
Tyrant Despot
Fibs Lies
Fails to exist Isnt
Cat call Meow
Mexican money Peso
Restaurant Eatery
Pro’s opposite Con
Opera solo Aria
Affleck and Stiller Bens
Yield Cede
Small tastes Sips
Before birth Prenatal
Ms. Hayworth Rita
Sweet course Dessert
Fire truck alarms Sirens
Trims (off) Lops
Stockpile Amass
Group of rooms Suite
____ Says Simon
Courtroom event Trial
Afflictions Ills
Actor’s desire Role
Glasgow native Scot
Squeaks by Ekes
Fourth letter Dee
Itinerary word Via
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