Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 04, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Gaze steadily Stare
Prepare copy Edit
Graceful bird Swan
Clocked Timed
Nevada resort Reno
Tempo Pace
Sure to happen Inevitable
Actress ____ Bancroft Anne
Dashed Ran
Test for flavor Taste
Command Order
Medic Doc
Edgy Tense
Small celestial body Asteroid
____ Rico Puerto
Unseals Opens
Sandwich shops Delis
Deep Low
Ewes’ mates Rams
Ancient object Relic
Change direction Turn
Point Tip
Italian staple Pasta
Undue speed Haste
Lacking iron Anemic
Took into custody Arrested
Acting parts Roles
Bother Irk
Blinding light Glare
Prohibition Taboo
Knight’s title Sir
Fabric fuzz Lint
Valid Legitimate
Machu Picchu native Inca
Bakery hot spot Oven
____ orange Navel
Pub drink Beer
Flower plots Beds
Adversary Enemy


Recipe direction Stir
Singer ____ Turner Tina
Church word Amen
Clergy mem. Rev
Magazine officials Editors
Periods in history Eras
Unpaid bill Debt
Small bay Inlet
Shoe tip Toe
Thinly scattered Sparse
Passion for travel Wanderlust
Teen’s woe Acne
Poetic contraction Neer
Mexican treat Taco
Burden Onus
Family rooms Dens
Heroic Epic
Large artery Aorta
Madrid’s country Spain
Moderation Temperance
15th of March Ides
Letter after gamma Delta
Rich dessert Torte
Had Owned
Untruthful one Liar
Speed contest Race
Assigned job Task
Stack Pile
Leading lady Heroine
Building cement Mortar
Uproar Riot
Actor ____ Martin Steve
Talkative Glib
Fishing string Line
Matured Aged
Storage containers Bins
Economize Save
Article Item
Count (on) Rely
Tennis stroke Lob
Fellow Man
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