Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 08, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Resound Peal
Dog’s sounds Arfs
Wrath Anger
British nobleman Earl
Artist Salvador ____ Dali
Take off Leave
Financial officer Treasurer
Made docile Tamed
Painted Enameled
Pet Caress
Performs onstage Acts
Trumpet, e.g. Horn
Brag Boast
Slender Thin
Rocker ____ Clapton Eric
Tiny insect Ant
Dated Old
Express relief Sigh
Shakespearean monarch Lear
Monte ____ Carlo
Cobbler’s concern Sole
Bargain bonanza Sale
Tack on Add
Sock front Toe
Pub beverages Ales
Bad grades Dees
Fable collector Aesop
The ____ of March Ides
Poet ____ Sandburg Carl
Dusk’s start time Sunset
Supporting one political group Partisan
Stale Trite
Submarine’s viewer Periscope
Eyed flirtatiously Ogled
Marathon, e.g. Race
Bright thought Idea
Gazes Peers
Raw metals Ores
Sour in taste Tart


Singer ____ Seeger Pete
Acquire by labor Earn
Space Area
Andean animals Llamas
Grown-up Adult
Most scarce Rarest
Bolted Fled
Man’s title Sir
Church table Altar
Closeness Nearness
Amusement Game
Nights before holidays Eves
Cincinnati baseballers Reds
Religious order Sect
Owned apartment Condo
Knoll Hill
Lightweight wood Balsa
Laker Shaquille ____ Oneal
Start of a Dickens title (2 wds.) Atale
Throng Horde
Mob scenes Riots
Arctic shelter Igloo
Chick’s comment Cheep
Opposer Resister
West Point student Cadet
Summer drinks Ades
Uncommon Scarce
Crafts Arts
Draw out Elicit
Feats Deeds
Zodiac ram Aries
Intersection sign Stop
Desire Urge
Cairo’s river Nile
Juicy fruit Pear
Pop Soda
Mimic Aper
Orderly Neat
For Pro
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