Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 25, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Roberto’s house Casa
Divided Split
Wedge Shim
“Heidi” setting Alps
Fight site Arena
Morse or ZIP Code
Mob scene Riot
Fruit skins Peels
Range Area
Side by side Abreast
Perpetual Eternal
Cake layers Tiers
Devourer Eater
Skims over Scans
Math proportion Ratio
Circle segment Arc
Behind the times (2 wds.) Oldhat
Await judgment Pend
Artist’s board Palette
Tell Narrate
Fair Even
Soothsayer Oracle
Distress signal Sos
Allude Refer
Adolescents Teens
Assumed name Alias
Brief Terse
Male chicken Rooster
Loafer ornaments Tassels
Novelist ____ Rice Anne
Baseball great Hank ____ Aaron
Lamenting cry Alas
Astonish Stun
Commence Start
Counterpart Mate
Pillar Post
Nervous Tense
Storm centers Eyes


Diamond weight Carat
Excuse Alibi
Fern “seed” Spore
Daisylike flowers Asters
Plant fluids Saps
Hypocrite Pretender
Director Spike ____ Lee
Narrow channel Inlet
A sense Taste
Blemish Scar
Rhino feature Horn
Conception Idea
Dinner, e.g. Meal
Broad tie Ascot
Slip up Err
Cigar residue Ash
Voice range Alto
Fourth mo. Apr
English beverages Teas
Division term Into
Certain poems Odes
Copycat Aper
Speak wildly Rave
Musical symbol Clef
Forefathers Ancestors
Fable Tale
Compass pt. Ene
Sublets Rents
____ loss for words (2 wds.) Ata
Informer Rat
Bun seed Sesame
Slightest Least
Furious Irate
Pass along Relay
List of candidates Slate
Road curves Esses
Grating sound Rasp
Upon Onto
Burden Onus
Forwarded Sent
Poker bet Ante
Hurried Ran
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