Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 29, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Male swine Boar
Choir singer Alto
Night sound Snore
Unfasten Undo
Misters Sirs
Clocked Timed
Not idealized Realistic
Cake covering Icing
Was furious Raged
Hair ornament Barrette
Bullfight cry Ole
Monarch Emperor
Beatle ____ McCartney Paul
Caught Netted
Information Data
Bound Leap
Stage offering Drama
Lincoln and Vigoda Abes
Alleviates Eases
Boric ____ Acid
Vegetarians’ taboos Meats
Spring event Thaw
Folding beds Cots
Narrow waterway Strait
Movie personnel Cast
Disagreement Dissent
Hosiery shade Tan
Scholastic Academic
Ease up Abate
Spock’s specialty Logic
Endurable Tolerable
Sports locale Arena
Mideast country Iran
Cargo Load
Passover dinner Seder
“Broadcast ____” News
Rock growth Moss


Pack animal Burro
Shaquille ____ Oneal
Proverb Adage
Actor’s desire Role
Pack animal Ass
Illuminated Lit
Apache, e.g. Tribe
Movie award Oscar
Mixed Stirred
Kind Nice
Exclude Omit
Tenant’s monthly bill Rent
Outer limit Edge
Brainstorm Idea
L. ____ Hubbard Ron
Army mascot Mule
Skirt fold Pleat
Macaroni, e.g. Pasta
Digestive ____ Tract
Mexican snack Taco
Send forth Emit
Male parents Dads
River barriers Dams
Egg on Abet
Sign of crying Tear
Hardwood tree Ash
Tranquility Peace
Graceful bird Swan
Motorcycle adjunct Sidecar
Actor ____ Allen Tim
“A ____ Is Born” Star
Certain protest (hyph.) Sitin
Orchestrate Score
Forbidden Taboo
Map book Atlas
Requirements Needs
Sorrowful word Alas
Apple’s center Core
Ancient Aged
Eat in style Dine
Soothing salve Balm
Legal rule Law
Naval off. Ens
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