Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 01, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Applaud Clap
Corn cores Cobs
Plant again Repot
Folk wisdom Lore
Stop Halt
Our planet Earth
Unlock Open
Out of port Asea
Stale Trite
Honor roll (2 wds.) Deanslist
Church official Elder
Decreases Lessens
Before, to Shakespeare Ere
Get-go Outset
Immovable Set
Pointer Arrow
Noblewomen Dames
Shark feature Fin
Understood Knew
Lettuce dish Salad
Venture Dare
Compass point (abbr.) Sse
Actress ____ Barkin Ellen
Radio and newspapers, e.g. Media
Lip Rim
Most feeble Lamest
Sick Ill
Certain connector Adapter
Diamond and Armstrong Neils
Interchange Transpose
Narrow boat Canoe
Certain debts Ious
Follow orders Obey
Zeal Ardor
Novelist ____ Rice Anne
Warsaw native Pole
Breaks suddenly Snaps
Court dividers Nets
“Electric” swimmers Eels


Oaf Clod
Easy stride Lope
Vicinity Area
William or Sean Penn
Swiss cottage Chalet
Fertile desert spot Oasis
Consecrate Bless
Respected leader Statesman
Quizzes again Retests
British nobleman Earl
Vanity Pride
Water mammal Otter
Yonder There
Large amount Slew
Want Need
Acorn trees Oaks
Coffee vessels Urns
Birch or spruce Tree
Scatter seed Sow
Spotted dog Dalmatian
Tavern order Ale
Lose color Fade
Spring bloom Iris
Cool! Neat
Slipped Slid
JFK’s party Dem
Blackboard wipers Erasers
Scratches Mars
Telescope parts Lenses
Ancient Peruvians Incas
Memorize Learn
Actress ____ Evans Linda
Inclined Prone
Ridicule Taunt
Pilot’s stunt Loop
Catholic leader Pope
Double-reed instrument Oboe
Broker’s advice Sell
Looks at Eyes
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