Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 02, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Blemish Scar
Coat part Lapel
Dwindle Wane
Sharpen Hone
Ridiculous Inane
Cooled Iced
Poker opener Ante
Disparaging Snide
Lumber source Tree
Female Japanese entertainer Geisha
Toward the Arctic Northern
So-so grade Cee
Pint-sized Wee
Flower wreath Lei
Lose brightness Fade
Want Desire
Intolerant of delay Impatient
Forbidden items (hyph.) Nonos
Wound covering Scab
Army doctor Medic
Defeat Loss
Anchorman ____ Jennings Peter
Zoo Menagerie
Sower Seeder
Comedian ____ Carvey Dana
____ Plaines, Illinois Des
Pub Bar
____ Beta Kappa Phi
Fragrant Aromatic
Goober Peanut
Office message Memo
Escape Evade
Knocks sharply Raps
March date Ides
Broadcasted again Reran
Discontinue Stop
Puts on Dons
Pipe parts Stems
Roosters’ mates Hens


Thick carpet Shag
Ice cream holder Cone
Foresee Anticipate
____ Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde” Reese
____ Marie Presley Lisa
Raggedy ____ Ann
Physical discomfort Pain
Bestow Endow
Eyed slyly Leered
“Gone ____ the Wind” With
Farm measure Acre
____-do-well Neer
Genesis garden Eden
Hoist Heft
Youth Teen
Speech problems Lisps
Host Emcee
Ambition Aim
Judge Deem
Brought to a close Ended
Food fish Sole
Excessive Inordinate
____ O’Donnell of TV Rosie
Snaky shapes Esses
Asleep Abed
Singer ____ Turner Tina
Tuna container Can
Country singer ____ McEntire Reba
Ogle Gape
Evaluators Raters
Metal bolt Rivet
Stern Harsh
In the center of Amid
Remodel Redo
Warning sign Omen
Velvety growth Moss
Concern Care
Coops Pens
“Once ____ a time…” Upon
Chef’s measures (abbr.) Tsps
River barrier Dam
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