Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 04, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Mets’ stadium Shea
Slender Trim
Misplaces Loses
Cattle group Herd
____ of passage Rite
Group of eight Octet
Excessive pride Arrogance
Gape Stare
“____ Robinson” Mrs
Black pool ball Eight
Met solo Aria
Scream Yell
Christmas glitter Tinsel
Desert springs Oases
Landed property Estate
Weighing device Scale
Small particles Atoms
CIA employee (abbr.) Agt
Not stiff Limp
Love dearly Adore
Emerald ____ Isle
Lyric poem Ode
On the ball Alert
Annoyed Irked
Main dish Entree
Nuzzles Noses
Immediately! Pronto
Slender Lean
Classify Sort
Edgar ____ Poe Allan
By way of Via
Tacked on Added
Dawdling Loitering
Wary Leery
Teen skin problem Acne
____ in a while Once
____ code Morse
Rind Skin
Grateful ____ Dead


Imitation Sham
Frau’s spouse Herr
Does wrong Errs
Turmoil Ado
Forest path Trail
Criminal mastermind Ringleader
Hankering Itch
Come together Meet
____ Alamos Los
Gasoline classification Octane
Leading actors Stars
Weird Eerie
Swipe Steal
Gaggle members Geese
Dog’s cry Yelp
Domesticated Tame
____ a girl! Its
Scandinavian capital Oslo
Sour Acid
Alike Same
Supermarket Store
Meat-filled pasta Tortellini
Requests Asks
Joy Glee
Turner and Williams Teds
Choir voice Alto
Wrinkle remover Iron
Social insect Ant
Silly Inane
Goes inside Enters
Biblical poem Psalm
Cowboy show Rodeo
Sequence Order
Dined Eaten
Poor me! Alas
Door fastener Lock
Grape plant Vine
Andean mountain native Inca
Matured Aged
Coloring agent Dye
Staff Rod
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