Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 17, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Similar things Such
Couple Pair
Painter’s stand Easel
Yew or willow Tree
Aware of Onto
Love, in Florence Amore
Forsaken Abandoned
Broadcasted again Reran
Scoundrel Rascal
Cruelty Meanness
Show contempt Sneer
Hole in ____ One
Space org. Nasa
Camera stand Tripod
Enclose Wrap
Conger Eel
Flee Escape
Staff member Aide
Royal rule Reign
Level Even
Hi-fi system Stereo
Grown boys Men
Housing expense Rent
Spaghetti and ziti Pastas
Suitor Beau
Distress inits. Sos
The Devil Satan
Involved Entailed
Narrate Relate
Author Jules ____ Verne
Worth having Desirable
Gives forth Emits
Actor ____ Guinness Alec
Thoroughfare Road
Bird’s perch Roost
Kind Nice
Rock growth Moss


Leading actors Stars
Metropolitan Urban
Stop Cease
For this reason Hence
Billiards Pool
Dancer ____ Miller Ann
News story Item
Cowboys’ contest Rodeo
Money makers Earners
Prayer response Amen
Painful Sore
Time periods Eras
Telescope glass Lens
Mend socks Darn
TV attachment Antenna
Hairspray type Aerosol
Visualize See
Out on ____ (2 wds.) Alimb
Bakery worker Icer
Apply asphalt Pave
Honest Open
Fender blemish Dent
Yellow jacket Wasp
Glamorous ____ Hayworth Rita
Fruit drinks Ades
Sassy Pert
Gosh! Gee
Least difficult Easiest
Consumer User
Auto Sedan
Frighten Alarm
Forbidden Taboo
Motorist’s aid Atlas
Requirements Needs
Perpetually Ever
Movie fish Nemo
Three musicians Trio
Picnic crashers Ants
Sandwich shop Deli
Paddy grain Rice
Dry, as wine Sec
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