Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 18, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Necklace part Clasp
Zipped Sped
Nearly all Most
Juliet’s beloved Romeo
Fashion magazine Elle
Floating Asea
Pinnacles Acmes
Concocted Made
Summer treats Ices
Illegally made booze Moonshine
Not fitting Inapt
Chunk of eternity Eon
Car gear Reverse
Extend over Span
Tiny tree Bonsai
Colorless Pale
Spanish cheer Ole
Take offense at Resent
“Aida,” for one Opera
Snaky letter Ess
____ eclipse Solar
Washington seaport Tacoma
Turner or Koppel Ted
Korea’s locale Asia
Blood part Plasma
Count (on) Rely
Aspiring actress Starlet
Period of note Era
Trio number Three
Car evaluation (2 wds.) Testdrive
Precinct Area
Treaty Pact
“Ave ____” Maria
Twist Bend
Long (for) Ache
Religious images Icons
Influence Sway
Norse thunder god Thor
Doctrine Tenet


Study hard Cram
Crazy Loco
Munitions, for short Ammo
Beheld Seen
Sheriff’s group Posse
Florida Native American Seminole
Design Plan
Church officials Elders
Actress Ruby ____ Dee
Bangor’s state Maine
Felix’s roommate Oscar
Oozes Seeps
Sample food Taste
Tramp Hobo
Climbing plants Ivies
Lobe location Ear
Location Spot
Hemingway’s nickname Papa
Baldwin or Guinness Alec
Notorious emperor Nero
Homes for birds Nests
Skyrocket Soar
Additional Else
Metal fastener Nail
Waiter’s aid Tray
Sufficient Ample
Year part, in college Semester
Beerlike brew Ale
Small arrow Dart
Affix Attach
Pierces Stabs
Tossed Threw
Fight site Arena
All set Ready
Concede Admit
Repeat Echo
Marathon, e.g. Race
Steel ingredient Iron
Climbing plant Vine
Direction East
Butter unit Pat
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